Saying yes and trying things

Elisa Kosarin from Twenty Hats interviewed me back in May 2016. My favorite part of her post is this:

And then sometimes, through what Liza calls “a series of yesses”, we start to take our work more seriously and see volunteer management as a profession and not just a job.

Reflecting on this now, I really do see my job to career movement as an ongoing series of choices when I’ve said “yes” to something. I’ve also said “no” to things, so don’t think I’m agreeing to everything that comes my way.

Opting to try things — even if it’s a risk or I’m anxious about it — has kept me going. This is why I try to follow Amy Poehler’s advice:

So, in the interest of knowing something about myself, I’ll keep trying new things. I hope you do the same. Keep trying, keep learning, keep growing. Who knows what you might learn about yourself!

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