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Many fish, the females spawn by dropping a million or so eggs into the water and then the males swim through it Squirting their sperm in the water where they have an encounter and fertilize the eggs. Survival rate is low - the chance of eggs and sperm meeting, then the eggs drifting during incubation and being eaten by every tiny fish imaginable, then the tiny hatchlings being born and turning into fingerlings and eaten by bigger fish. Then the adults are eaten by really big fish or caught by fishermen. Those who make it to adulthood to spawn are very lucky! Egg layers, lay their eggs on plants, caves, stones, pits etc. The males then ejaculates his milt over the eggs to fertilise them.

No physical contact involved.

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Just a few species prefer internal fertilization-that is, fish-on-fish action. And this is where the technique gets interesting. While that may seem wild, nothing is stranger than fish of the genus Phallostethus. The male uses a bony organ on his chin called a p Talk about dirty minds!

How Do Fish Have Sex? A guide explaining fish sex, reproduction and evolution. By Jason Schratwieser. ated: December 10, Virtually every multicellular animal possesses the same innate drive: Live long enough to reproduce, preferably as many times as possible over the course of a life span. More progeny reaching adulthood and spawning. Feb 05,   Many fish, the females spawn by dropping a million or so eggs into the water and then the males swim through it Squirting their sperm in the water where they have an encounter and fertilize the eggs. Survival rate is low - the chance of eggs and s. Similar searches eel chicks with big dicks dogs sex with girl artofzoo com indian bhabi masturbation daughter suck dad homemade fish pussy fire ants long dildo in pussy animals colon snake extreme enema fish in pussy pond sex with a fish fish sucking dick syringe fish fuck nylon legs solo fucking a fish fish sex fish blowjob guy fucks fish fish.

Fish do not have sex in the typical way we imagine sex. No penetration.

Bettas are a species of fish that is quite easy to identify their have the long flowing fins and brilliant colors that owners find attractive. Male bettas are the ones usually sold in shops. Females are not as vividly colored and have short, stubbier fins, but some male betta varieties can also have short Shirlie Sharpe. May 11,   GOOD QUESTION! Fish sex is actually very enjoyable. Putting a live fish inside your butt is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience. Make sure you use a small fish and one that doesnt have teeth or spikey fins because that could cause trauma in your large intestine. Goldfish work well, or small minnows that you can by for bait. 15 Reasons You Should Have Sex Now. 1 / It's Exercise. It's not necessarily a full workout, but it can be as good for you as moderate exercise. It .

Fish reproduce by a process where a female lays eggs and the male then releases it's sperm into the water over the eggs to fertilize them. There are a few variations of the practice but this YouTube video gives a good general idea.

How to Determine the Sex of Your Fish

Sign In. How do fish have sex? ate Cancel. Are fish always wet? Which fish is known as a walking fish?

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Why do all species know how to intercourse? Does a fish see water in which it live? There are several ways for fish to procreate.

How fishes actually have sex ( fishes mating )

Continue Reading. Answered Nov 10, Do fish of different species have reproductive sex?

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How do fish know who they are? How far can a fish swim? How do fish make babies? View more. Related Questions Do all fish come from the ocean? Which fishes do chicklet fish mate with? The male builds a nest out of air bubbles on the surface of the water and then entices the female to lay her eggs under it, wrapping his body around hers to fertilize the eggs as she lays them.

He then collects the eggs into his mouth and places them into his bubble nest. After breeding, the male chases the female away and takes care of the eggs and the babies. The female must be removed or she will be attacked by the male. Generally speaking, catfish sexes cannot be distinguished. Many species of catfish have not been breed in captivity.

The notable exception is the Corydoras specieswhich has often been breed in captivity. In the Corydoras catfish, the female is usually a bigger-bodied fish than the males. The males will chase a gravid female full of eggs around the tank and then she will lay the eggs on a flat surface, such as a plant leaf, smooth rock, or even the aquarium glass. The males swim over the eggs and fertilize them, then the eggs are abandoned. Cichlids are such a diverse group that it would take a small novel to give specifics for knowing the difference within each species.

While many are not easily differentiated, there are a few rules of thumb that apply to quite a few cichlid species. Males are often slimmer but larger-bodied than females and are more vibrantly colored.

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The dorsal and anal fins of the male are more pointed, larger and more flowing than in the female. In many species, the male will display egg-shaped markings on the anal fin known as egg spots. Some males have a bump on the head, referred to as a nuchal hump. Although females can also develop a nuchal hump when spawning, it is never as prominent as that of the male. Typically the dominant male will have a larger nuchal hump than other males. Although the above general rules apply to many species of cichlids, if you are considering breeding them, do your homework on the specific species before seeking a breeding pair.

Barbs and other members of the cyprinid family are rather difficult to tell apart. Differences will vary by species, but generally, males are more intensely colored and slimmer than females.

Since most cyprinids are schooling fishone way to obtain a breeding pair is to purchase a group of them. In some species of cyprinids, including goldfish, the males will get small white bumps nuptial tubercles on their head, operculum and possibly the spine of the pectoral fins during the mating season.

Can fish have sex

The males will chase the female who will lay her eggs and the males fertilize them as she deposits them. After breeding, usually there is no care of the eggs, and the parents may even eat them if they are found. Gouramis are another species of fish that are not easily identified. Males and females often are similarly colored and shaped. There is, however, one fairly universal sexual difference seen in most gourami species.

The dorsal fin is long and comes to a distinct point in males, while females have a shorter, rounded dorsal fin. In addition, certain species of gourami show color variations between the sexes. The male pearl gourami has a deep red-orange coloration on the throat and breast.

Aug 07,   How Do Fish Have Sex? BY Kate Horowitz, BY the mag. August 7, Andy J. Miller. For some species of fish, reproduction is beyond casual. Females release eggs into the water, males release.

The male moonlight gourami has orange to red coloration of the pelvic fins.

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