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Agree, cabin sex stories join. happens

5 Scary Cabin In The Woods Stories (Vol. 2)

My cousin had asked me if I would be interested in watching his cabin and dog Gazza while he was away for the weekend. The cabin is located on the edge of a lake and is a beautiful log cabin. Gazza is a bloodhound and pretty big. My wife and I decided to make a romantic weekend of it and headed down on Friday after work. When we got to the cabin, Gazza met us happily at the door and was looking for some human friends. We settled down for a nice relaxing drink after supper.

I felt astonished, as I was not intending to arouse anybody, I simply didn't remember I was not wearing a thong as usual. In the meanwhile, Gregg was passing an arm around my waist, taking one of my firm breasts in his hand and beginning to roll the nipple between his fingers.

I kept still from the shock, doubled by the discovery that my pussy was really appreciating what was happening. Then the second hand of Gregg's plunged under my skirt, reached my clit and started to tease it. I couldn't believe I was the one that was starting to moan and was stroking my buttocks over the bulge that was pressing me from behind. Suddenly I felt Gregg unzipping his jeans and a big bar penetrated me from behind. My eyes widened and my mouth tried to catch a breath as his anaconda stretched my vagina to an incredible dimension, and I felt my knees weaken as I began to cum, rolling and scrambling while a finger was brutalizing my asshole.

With a loud pop, Gregg pulled out his monster from under my skirt, and I fell on the wash-basin, gasping and waiting for Gregg to spray his load on my back.

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But a firm hand pressed on my back nailing me in position, while Gregg's cock was started to break through my vulva again. In few strokes, my cervix was completely stretched and big tears were rolling down my cheeks, while a tremendous climax was growing inside me. With a final shove that sent my head slamming against a pot on the edge of the basin, Gregg began to erupt his cream deep in my belly and an entire lot of rainbows passed through my eyes while my body was shaking completely out of control.

My shaking tossed the pot on the floor with a hell of a clang, and Scott's voice from the next room, "Donna, what's happening there? Where's our coffee?

Gregg naturally grabbed me for his first partner of the evening; wanting to continue where he left off. When we got into the bedroom he took me in his arms and gave me very long kiss, his tongue darting in as deep as it could go.

I returned it with the same vigor, and could feel his cock urging to be released as I pressed against him. My nipples were hard as stone and beginning to throb. My hands caressed his butt cheeks, as his were on mine. We broke apart from our kiss and he kissed my ears and neck. He slowly unhooked my top and lifted it gently off me. Cupping my breast in his hands, he caressed, kissed and traced them with his tongue. I pulled his head tightly to me, as he began to remove my skirt.

He slowly slid them down as he moved his lips down my body and was soon kissing my clit. He moved me slowly to the bed and placed a pillow beneath me, sat me down and lifted my legs to remove the skirt from my feet.

He stood up and pressed his hard cock between my breasts, and had me press them together as he took a few strokes. I liked the feel of it and moved it up and down and around my nipples. He stepped back and I kissed the tip of it, as it was getting wet from his pre-cum. I took him deep into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. All the time he was massaging my pussy, which was very wet by now. He laid me back and made sure the pillow was under my ass, and knelt down and started sucking my pussy and fondling me with his fingers.

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I climaxed almost immediately and he kept sucking and licking with his darting tongue in and out, stopping occasionally to take a breath while still working his fingers. I caressed my breasts and pulled at my nipples. My hormones controlled me. His face was buried in my pussy, and as another climax built up, I pulled him even deeper.

I moaned at him where to move his lips and tongue. Finally my hips trussed upwards and I pulled him even harder and deeper to me, as I sprayed cum down his throat and on his face. I fell back on the bed and he licked me a little more before climbing on top of me. I kissed some cum from his face and guided his loving cock into me.

He penetrated me with his swollen cock, and the deeper it got the better it felt. I lifted up to his strokes, signaling I wanted more. As the tempo worked up, I rolled him over and got on top and started pumping him harder and faster.

I was working into another strong orgasm as I felt him grow, and I anxiously waited for the shooting of his cum into me. This was much better than the other times. He did not cum as fast and I was truly enjoying it, and I told myself that this was not going to be the last time I took this man to bed.


He finally came with me at the same time. We pumped harder at each other until we finally collapsed. I laid on top of him, my pussy throbbing and contracting around his still hard cock, vibrating inside me. We kissed gently and teased each other with our lips and tongues, and caressed each others body.

I was surprised to feel how hard he still was after several minutes of this.

Incest/Taboo Stories. Story Spinner - Click this link to read a random story from this category! Bump And Grind - New sex positions with son's hard cock. by - Brother & sister alone at a secluded cabin. by. Jul 22,   Another in a Series of Sex Stories that Lose Their Way. by Lucy Thomas. A few years ago I spent a month in a cabin in Montana, my dog Curly as my only companion. The cabin was owned by former first daughter Amy Carter, who had grown up awkwardly before our nation's eyes. There were pines everywhere around the cabin, and beyond the pines. Things are getting steamy. A story about when I met my cousin's hot friend, Emily. Chapter 2: A cabin getaway for the weekend. A Christmas blizzard brings unimagined gifts. GF and I go on a hike lunch and mischief. and other exciting erotic at!

I finally lifted and rolled off him and laid my head on his chest. I played with his erection until we were ready to go again! Oh, the feel of him hard against me was wonderful, and I could feel the pressure within me deepen.

He snuggled me against him and his arms surrounded me and softly kneaded my breasts. I laid my head back against his shoulder and moaned softly. I was lost in his touch. His hands caressed my breasts, gently pulling at my nipples making them harden and my breasts swelled underneath their sure handling.

I gently pressed my hips back so that I was pressed firmly against his body, and with a gentle swaying motion teased him in return. It only heightened the effect we were having on each other, as we enjoyed the gentle caresses of our hands.

I heard Gregg groan, and he turned me around and kissed me fiercely. I could feel his longing, desire and heat in that searing kiss. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and did battle with mine. Deeper the kiss became as I followed his lead and enjoyed the taste of him. Shivers seemed to run though both our bodies and our hands were not still, as our hands moved to feel every part we could touch.

I moved my hands to his erection and slipped my hands around his cock. I felt him shudder as the contact made him nearly lose control. Our kisses turned to more erotic nips, as I slid my hands over him, enjoying the strength of his erection, running my fingers through the hair at the base, caressing his balls. He removed my hands with a gentle, "Not yet. Curiosity filled my imagination.

His hands reached around me and stroked my backside, exploring every curve and hallow. Kneading my skin, he sent shivers running through my spine. I moaned and leaned my hands on Gregg's shoulders for support. As I closed my eyes, I felt his tongue slide to my groin and slip past my lips.

Tasting me and licking me, his tongue slid over the sensitive nub and made me start shaking. By: rosebrn Category: Lesbian Score: 4. By: Kandikiss51 Category: Fetish Score: 4. By: moormansbabygirl Category: Love Stories Score: 4. By: tnblue Category: Straight Sex Score: 4. By: cssteamboy93 Category: First Time Score: 3. Stories Members Authors. Log In Sign Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Submit Story Random Story Categories. Hide Ad. The Cabin By The Lake - My boyfriend Mark was getting his things ready to go to his family's cabin at Douglas Lake, which was about an hour and a half's drive from Asheville Tennessee, where we both lived. He had shown me He stepped back, placed his hand on the small of her back as she clapped and hopped through the doorway.

Her ha Surviving the Great Indoors - "Okay, wow. The vibration of each letter crawls across my freshly shaved mound. The tatters of my shirt tickle again Baby, it's cold outside! We stepped inside the large hallway, walking past an open fireplace and toward Cabin in the Mountains - Greg looked around smiling to himself.

The cabin looked beautiful nestled in the mountains in the snow. Greg was happy that he had bought this cabin and was using it as his place of solitude and sanc He was taking her on an adventure today and had asked her to get up early so they could make an entire day of it. Snow Falls Silent on Evergreen Trees - A weakness of mine is my tendency to develop myopia when engaging in certain cts.

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Couple that with a naturally panicky disposition and a heart attack before I was Warren's Trail Cam - "The cabin is at least still standing," Warren said to himself once the old, wooden building came into view. His truck slowly crawled across the worn, bumpy gravel drive that led to his rural hideaw Interracial Gangbang in the Mountains - The White Mountains in New Hampshire are a lot of fun and a good place to get away from the crowded Boston area.

However, the rugged and majestic mountains out West are much more fun for winter sport Cabin Fever, Chapter 2 - "Mmmm Good Morning, Master," my pet cooed. She folded her arms together and rolled over to face me. I put my arm around her and drew her up to me. Cabin Love - Gina and Marie were best friends from college and they decided to go for a weekend away together to the cabin by the lake to celebrate graduation.

They were aware of the sexual attraction between them The head slid in without any resistance, and with a second push the entire shaft was enveloped in his hot, wet, slippery ass. The sensations my cock was experiencing and sending to my brain were as marvelous as ever. As I pumped my rigid meat in and out of his ass, he responded by driving himself back against me.

My ball sack slammed against him with each forward thrust, adding to my pleasure. I leaned over him and rested my chest against his back. I took his earlobe between my lips, and ran my tongue all around his outer ear. He moaned, and I forced my tongue into his tender inner ear canal.

I lapped in and out of his ear, tasting the sharp tang of his ear wax. As my tongue continued to explore his ear, he moaned and twitched under my body. We were all hot and horny.

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Our bodies glistened with the sweat of passion, and the heady aroma of sex filled my nose. The smell was exciting and pushed my lust even higher. I urgently slammed my engorged organ faster and faster into George's hot ass. My balls felt like they were going to explode. I felt my ball sack pull up tightly against my dick, and I felt the sperm desperately forcing it's way up my piss tube. With one mighty lunge, I forced my cock into George as far as it would go.

As my pubic bone connected with his ass, I exploded sending hot sizzling sperm flying into him. I held him tightly against me as blast after blast of my juice poured into him. My cock pulsed over and over as the cum was pumped out. As I finished pouring out my load, George squeezed my dick fiercely with his talented ass. The squeeze caused me to fire off one more load of cum into him. I couldn't remember ever squirting so much cum at one time.

My breathing was fast and deep as the last wave of orgasm flowed over me. I kept my chest on his back and reached around his waist.

Another in a Series of Sex Stories that Lose Their Way

I found his throbbing cock, and firmly grd it with my hands. Pre cum was pouring from the slit, and I spread it all around his circumcised head. Each stroke of my hand caused him to moan, and soon he was pumping his hard shaft in and out of my hands.

I kept tightening my hands around his cock, and his moans continued to increase. He was obviously enjoying the sensations my hands were providing to his sensitive meat. As I jacked George off, I heard Bobby let out a howl, signaling his impending orgasm. George pulled his lips from the shaft just as the first jet of cum came shooting out of Bobby. His sperm flew up into the air, before it splashed against the side of my face.

The Cabin By The Lake - My boyfriend Mark was getting his things ready to go to his family's cabin at Douglas Lake, which was about an hour and a half's drive from Asheville Tennessee, where we both lived. A Weekend at the Cabin Gregg and Nichole, up to our cabin one weekend. I was standing near the sink washing the plates while my husband Scott, Gary, Denise, and Nichole were chatting in the next room, after the great meal I served them. we split up into partners to begin a night of erotic sex. Gregg naturally grabbed me for his first. My cousin had asked me if I would be interested in watching his cabin and dog Gazza while he was away for the weekend. The cabin is located on the edge of a lake and is a beautiful log cabin. Gazza is a bloodhound and pretty big. He's dark brown and pretty muscular and watches the cabin for my cousin.

I was able to use my tongue to capture some of the hot fluid and pull it into my mouth. It was warm and tangy on my tongue, and I swallowed it greedily.

The next several shots hit George on the face and lips, dripping down his chin. He caught as much as he could with his tongue and sucked it into his mouth.

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The last of Bobby's cum pumped weakly out of his piss slit. It beaded up on the uncut head of his cock before running down his shaft and onto his balls. George returned to pumping his cock furiously in and out of my hands.

Again I tightened my grip on his shaft forcing his foreskin up and over his cockhead with each forward thrust and peeling it back with each backward stroke. George's speed increased rapidly, and soon I felt his cock throb and swell. In seconds, he was pumping hot sperm out of his rigid tool. The hot juice sprayed onto Bobby's dick and ball sack. Some of it shot into my hands and dripped onto Bobby's thighs. With Bobby's orgasm finished, I released George's dick from my choke hold, and pulled my limp cock from his ass.

We both collapsed onto Bobby and remained motionless for a few moments while he caught his breath.

Cabin sex stories

I slipped my self down between Bobby's legs, and started lapping up the juice George had sprayed him with. I cleaned up his inner thighs, and let my tongue wander up to his asshole. Cum had dripped and run from his ball sack, pooling in the crack of his ass. I eagerly ate every drop I could find.

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George was busy cleaning up Bobby's ball sack and cock. George and I both made our way up Bobby's shaft. While I retracted the foreskin, George tongued under the cockhead, getting every last drop of cum that could be found.

We remained in front of the fire for a few more minutes, allowing the pleasurable feelings to wash over us.

Bobby reached over and grabbed my cock shaft, pulling the foreskin back over the cockhead. I smiled and stroked his limp dick with the back of my hand.

7 Scary Cabin In The Woods Stories (Vol. 3)

We all got our clothes on and prepared to go out and finish the chores. The smell of sweat, semen, and sex filled the air. Just the smell caused my dick to begin hardening once again. I couldn't believe I was getting another hard on so soon. As we left the cabin, all I could think about was the sex I wanted to have that night. We went down to the dock to check out the boat and see what work needed to be done to it.

We got the tarp covering off, and found that several animals had been living under it. There were food scraps, leaves, and branches scattered over the seats and bottom of the boat.

Overall, the boat just needed a real good cleaning. George said that we needed to beach the boat on the shore so we could give it a thorough cleaning inside and out.

We untied the mooring ropes and pulled it towards the shore. We managed to get the front half up onto the sand, but the weight of the engine was keeping us from getting it all the way up onto the beach.

We decided that the only way we could get it all the way ashore, would be for one of us to get into the water behind the boat and push it from behind. After our earlier experience with the cold water, no one wanted to volunteer. We discussed the situation at great length, and decided that Bobby would do it. It was to be the pay back for lying to us about the water temperature. He grudgingly agreed. George told us he was going to run up to the cabin for a towel so Bobby could dry off after we got the boat beached.

I asked Bobby if he was going to leave his clothes on, and he said, "You gotta be crazy. I don't want my clothes all wet".

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With that, he stripped his clothes off. I watched closely as he removed his pants and underwear, longing for a glimpse of his dick. I didn't have to wait long, as his pants fell to the ground, revealing his long, uncut cock.

Diane quietly stepped through the sparse, still-damp grass in the front yard of the rustic cabin her father had built many years ago. She marveled at how the forest and surrounding landscape had not changed that much since she had started coming here so many years ago as a young child. Now, she thought, my Read more Cabin in the woodsAuthor: T. Ruck. We had just graduated from high school, and we wanted to spend the summer at a cabin in the mountains. George's parents had an old cabin and we decided to ask them if we could use it for a while. This would be our chance to be real "men". 'cabin' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us.

I was surprised to see that his dick was semi-hard, dangling to one side. I asked if he was feeling a little horny, and he responded with, "I'm always horny". We heard George returning with the towels, and Bobby walked into the water. He got behind the boat and pushed the engine up and into the boat. With the engine out of the way he was able to get a grip on the engine supports and push.

He hollered to us that he was ready, and we started pulling on the ropes. It only took a few minutes, and we had the boat completely out of the water.

Bobby came around the boat and grabbed one of the towels. I looked him over and noticed his shriveled dick. I couldn't help but say, "I thought you said you were always horny"? Then I pointed to his shrunken dick. He looked down at his dick and then up at me.

In his deepest voice, he said, "Fuck you"! I nodded and replied, "Later". Bobby quickly got dried off and put his clothes back on. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the inside of the boat and waxing the outside. We removed and washed all the seat cushions, swept out the junk the animals had left, and waxed all the woodwork.

Once we had finished our work, we went back up to the cabin. We were all dirty from cleaning out the boat, and desperately needed showers. Since the shower in the cabin wasn't working we decided to try an alternative solution to the problem.

Just down the road from the cabin was the entrance to the state park.

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George said he knew that they had showers, because he had seen them before. We gathered up our clean clothes and started off for the park.

It was only about a mile to the park, and we strolled leisurely down the road. We weren't in any particular hurry and the walk took about 20 minutes.

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When we got to the park gate we were greeted by a uniformed ranger. He was about six feet tall with light brown hair and a body that indicated he must work out regularly. His uniform fit him very well, revealing a nice rounded ass, as well as a substantial bulge in the front of his pants. His name tag said "Ranger Joe". He was very good looking and I felt my dick start to harden in my pants.

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I covered my crotch with my clean clothes in an attempt to cover my hardening cock. He told us the entrance fee was a dollar and a half for the day. None of us expected to have to pay a fee so we had no money with us. We explained our situation and he agreed to let us in for free since it was late in the day.

Once inside, we found a clean, well maintained bathroom and shower complex. The toilets and urinals were on one side and the showers and drying area were on the other. The sinks took up the space in between. We got over to the showers and put our clean clothes down on the slatted benches in the drying area. There were two large shower stalls, each one containing twelve shower heads. We looked around both of them and found ourselves alone.

We figured there was no one around because it was still the middle of the week. We quickly shed our dirty clothing and got into the showers. We turned on the water and started rinsing off. George went back out to our clean clothing and picked up the soap.

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