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Thanks. buffy angelus sex casually, not the

Buffy & Angel(us) Sad Scene

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Angelus like. Revenge, Version 1. And Buffy listens?

Buffy and Angel - Make Me Wanna Die

What Dreams May Come Just to keep things interesting Or do you just let it bleed? Ever After? The Seconds Series The series was based on prompts from a Live Journal community and it is complete.

Angelus had taught her one thing, how there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. The bite hurt for a moment when he pierced her skin, but when he began to suckle, she was nearly euphoric. He trailed his mouth down over her hip, purposely skirting where she needed him most. He parted her thighs, placing one leg over his shoulder as he licked her inner thigh and began to work his way up toward his goal.

He backtracked an inch or two and bit again on her sensitive inner thigh. She screamed out a muffled scream and then he began to suck at that area too. Her warmer Slayer blood was warming his body temperature.

After a few minutes of his feasting, she tried to bring his attention a little higher by moving her hips a bit.

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He completely ignored her. He finally stood up and licked his lips, reverting his face back to normal human form. He placed a hand over her heat, just cupping her, nothing further.

Again, his eyes averted from hers. He was not going to let her hypnotize him. Buffy moaned, her body on fire now. Her nipples poked straight out, and her center was flooding moisture. She struggled for more pressure, trying to rock against his hand and he backed his hand away.

Your body is mine. I am the only one allowed to touch you like this. You will never allow another man to touch you. In other circumstances, when it was just her body she had to deal with, not a horny demon within her, she would tell him to go to hell.

It was one of their games. But at this moment, the demon was making all of her decisions for her. The more she said it, the more he rewarded her. Before long, his hand was rubbing her clit hard and fast, the exact pressure she needed.

Her moisture adding a heightened degree of sensitivity. She felt herself barreling toward an orgasm. She almost cried out, but Angelus stopped at a very critical point.

His cock was still exposed and he used her lubricant on his member as she whimpered and moaned. He picked her up and pinned her against the wall. He still wouldn't meet her glow-in-the-dark eyes, instead placing his mouth at her ear again. His hands at her waist pinned her to the wall and gave him the complete control. He pushed her hard against the wall again, causing a crack in the plaster, seething in anger.

Jul 11,   'Angel' Cast 20 Year Reunion With David Boreanaz & More | People TV | Entertainment Weekly - Duration: Entertainment Weekly Recommended for you. Oct 10,   Angel/Buffy Summers; Angelus (BtVS)/Buffy Summers; Angelus (BtVS) Buffy Summers; Summary. Angsty fluffy fun when Angelus turns Buffy and gets results no one expected. The archive warnings didn't seem to quite fit the fic, because while it starts dark, it does go ridiculously fluffy. There's a touch of BDSM, but that's not the focus of the fic. is not in any way associated with or related to (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the by its members.

He met her eyes, sparking with ire. Say my name! Both voices had joined together as one.

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Buffy came hard and loud and continued her chanting while the demon continued chanting within her in tandem. Buffy screamed loud and long in her orgasm, her voice hitting the rafters and probably scaring away every alley cat in the building.

Angelus kept up the pounding rhythm until he finally hit his peak too on a feral grunt, his face vamping out and he bit her neck, sucking the blood that flowed. He couldn't stop.

The warm, salty blood flowed over his tongue and down his throat as Buffy's cries became weaker. He could hear her heartbeat slowing and he raised his head up just in time, just before he would have drained her completely.

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Buffy went limp in his arms, her eyes closed, and Angelus was once again himself as he lowered Buffy's body to the floor. He stepped back and wiped the blood off his lips with the back of his hand, his face reverting back to the handsome human form that gave him his name. He was not supposed to be hypnotized.

But the demon figured out his weakness, read his mind and exploited the knowledge. Looks like it was about time to exorcise the demon from her. Until IT turned on him, it had served its purpose. But at that moment, the door to the warehouse was kicked open by Xander and Giles. They both ran in with crossbows loaded with wooden stakes and pointed them at Angelus. And the young witch Willow was right behind them.

She waved an arm and Angelus found himself being flung into a far wall and held there suspended. Angelus landed on his feet, then stalked toward the three of them.

Giles and Xander took aim and shot at Angelus, he caught one stake in his left hand and the other with his right, dropping them on the ground. Willow flexed her fingers, which caused a force field to stop Angelus's progress, then twisted her wrist, encasing him. He reached out to try and figure distance, then checked around himself with his hands.

Xander chuckled. Angelus glared at the teen boy as he approached him. Xander was now all cocky swagger as he walked by and Angelus couldn't remove himself from the invisible cage, nor could he move.

Buffy angelus sex

Xander flipped him off as he walked by and crouched again next to a naked Buffy. Xander called out to Willow, "Hey Will. Do you know how to magically unlock chains?

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Giles picked up the dagger from the table and studied the locking mechanisms on Buffy's wrists. Using the dagger, and ignoring the fact that for the second time within twenty-four hours he was seeing Buffy naked, he worked on picking the lock.

The mechanism loosened and Xander was able to open one cuff and lower Buffy's left arm. After a few minutes, Giles had the second cuff opened too. Spike and Dru will be back any minute, and with Buffy all out of it, we'll get hurt or maimed orkilled! Come on! Xander had Buffy wrapped in a blanket, picked her up, and carried her out.

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Willow started to follow but stopped when she found that Giles hadn't moved. He waved her on, "You two go ahead. Take Buffy to someplace safe. I'll be right behind you. Then he picked it up by the handle and swished it around, "Good weight and balance too. Where'd you get it? Giles was standing right beside him then, waved a hand and said, " Spremere lui! The invisible box Angelus was in seemed to close in on him. He couldn't move at all.

Then Giles walked around and faced him. Standing toe to toe, Giles leaned toward Angelus and hatefully spat, "I don't care. Angelus gritted his teeth to keep from yelling out, "but it will hurt like the devil until someone gets you out of here.

I should kill you. Really I should. But Buffy thinks there is hope for you. And until she says to do it, I won't.

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He twisted the dagger again, then whispered, "This box you're in is only for vampires. I just made a doorway to simply stab you in the chest. Leave Buffy alone. This is your final warning. After the end By : Eagleblaze Published : February 21, The first is gone, as is Sunnydale.

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What do happen when the Powers find out that Kennedy is abusing Willow? What about when Tara is told? Sacrifice By : kmr Published : January 22, Glory offers Buffy a way to save her sister and her friends only if Buffy is willing to make a sacrifice.

Takes place at the beginning of season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.

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This is an alteration to the episode 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' season 2 episode S01E01 where Buffy is trying to deny her slayer responsibility after moving from LA. Faith Won By : justheretoread Published : June 11, Faith won the fight with Buffy. She woke up from the coma in time to stop Buffy's plan and The Mayor ascended. He now runs Sunnydales. Faith is given Buffy and the rest of the scoobies as a gift. Pure smut with no redemption planned. Just Faith training and using the Scoobies as sex slaves.

Willow's worshipping the Goddess, but it doesn't matter, as so is everyone else.

Buffy whimpered and buried her head in her pillow. He was breaking her down and she simply didn't know how to stop him. Outside: Angelus sat crouched on the tree outside her window. Her back was to him, but he could hear the small sobs she tried to keep hidden and rejoiced in them. She'd had a major win today, but still she cried. He smiled. Buffy has been sprayed by a Euros demon and this causes her hormones to run amok. This story involves the following pairings. Spike/Buffy, Xander/Buffy, Giles/Buffy and Angelus/Buffy. A little something for everyone's tastes hopefully. Rating NC17 or M. If under 18 don't read this fic. If bothered by smut don't read this fic. You've been warned. The demon Angelus and the soul of Liam inhabit the same body. Together they are Angel. They share memories, experiences, and consciousness. And they share the same eternal love for one woman. Buffy Summers. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A common thread through my stories is that Angelus although powerless to act is aware of everything around him.
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