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Opinion buddha having sex that

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Photo - Bob Heide. It seems these days in Los Angeles, it's OK to do or be anything you want sexually And if you're lucky enough to find your true sexual identity, you will be happy and fulfilled the rest of your life. The Buddha more than anything else was a man, who went from childhood to manhood, got married, and at the age of 29 had his first child. The big question today is

People mostly take cues about what constitutes "misconduct" from their own culture, and we see this in much of Asian Buddhism.

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We can all agree, without further discussion, that non-consensual or exploitative sex is "misconduct. The philosophy challenges us to think about sexual ethics very differently from how most of us have been taught.

The precepts of Buddhism are not commandments.

Buddha had Sex. Most people fail to realize that Buddha was first and foremost a man. He was a prince, a husband, and a father so he underwent all the things a normal man goes through sexually. This meant as a monk and renunciant, he fully understood what a householder underwent. But he also ended his sexual desire in nirvana. As sexuality is a normal, healthy, and necessary ct of human existence, Tibetan tantric Buddhism even includes techniques for bringing mindfulness and practice to it. Some recent Tibetan teachers and several colorful Zen masters have been open to using sex as a skillful means to point their students toward realization.

They are followed as a personal commitment to Buddhist practice. Falling short is unskillful akusala but not sinful-after all, there is no God to sin against.

Furthermore, the precepts are principles, not rules, and it is up to individual Buddhists to decide how to apply them. This takes a greater degree of discipline and self-honesty than the legalistic, "just follow the rules and don't ask questions" approach to ethics.

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The Buddha said, "be a refuge unto yourself. Followers of other religions often argue that without clear, explicit rules, people will behave selfishly and do whatever they want.

This sells humanity short. Buddhism shows us that we can reduce our selfishness, greed, and attachments, that we can cultivate loving kindness and compassion-and in doing so, we can increase the amount of good in the world.

A person who remains in the grip of self-centered views and who has little compassion in his heart is not a moral person, no matter how many rules he follows.

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Such a person always finds a way to bend the rules to disregard and exploit others. Most religions and moral codes of the West draw a clear, bright line around marriage.

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Sex inside the line is goo while sex outside the line is bad. Although monogamous marriage is ideal, Buddhism generally takes the attitude that sex between two people who love each other is moral, whether they are married or not.

Buddhism and sexuality

On the other hand, sex within marriages can be abusive, and marriage doesn't make that abuse moral. You can find anti-homosexual teachings in some schools of Buddhism, but most of these reflect local cultural attitudes more than they do Buddhism itself.

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The prohibition comes from the work of a 15th-century scholar named Tsongkhapa, who probably based his ideas on earlier Tibetan texts. The Second Noble Truth teaches that the cause of suffering is craving or thirst tanha.

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This doesn't mean cravings should be repressed or denied. Instead, in Buddhist practice, we acknowledge our passions and learn to see that they are empty, so they no longer control us.

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This is true for hate, greed, and other negative emotions. Should we be thinking more critically about our deep belief in romantic relationships?

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All beliefs should be subject to questioning, including the idea that romantic relationships are always what we need. Ironically, letting go of such a belief may make it more possible for a romantic relationship to actually manifest.

I just read a review of a book in The Atlantic called Love 2.

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Buddhism never argues with good science. Obviously fidelity and loyalty are usually seen as essential components of a happy marriage, but Buddhism views marriage as a secular institution and leaves people to sort these things out for themselves, including whether the relationship is between same or different genders as well as between two or more partners.

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As lay Buddhists, how can we begin to have rewarding, non-harming relationships? You are more likely to have rewarding, non-harming relationships if that is in fact your goal. And that is the goal in Buddhism for all your relationships-from family to strangers.

Anyone with mindfulness of that goal can achieve it, Buddhist or otherwise. Maybe not the classiest way to meet people, but there seems to be increasing acceptance and use of online dating services, so why not one for singles with an interest in dharma.

I should check it out!

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Buddha having sex

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