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Discussion in ' Models and Celebrities ' started by mikey41 , Oct 10, Guy Madison: nude,furry and uncut Most Liked Posts. No doubt he was a great fuck. Very very nice. He was just pretty!

He's gorgeous He could certainly get a screen test on looks alone! Is he still living? Was he straight, gay, or bi? Judging from the pics, I infer that he was a hot item back in the 's. Did he make any movies of interest?

I appreciate anyone who can help enlighten me on this matter! Joined: Jun 4, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Beautirful man, he was fucked, just read. Joined: Jul 18, Messages: Likes Received: 1. Joined: Sep 7, Messages: Likes Received: 7. If you read the biography of Henry Willson, Guy's agent, Guy had a torrid affair with Rory Calhoun, if you don't know who he is Guy was a bottom and Rory learned to be flexible when he did prison time.

Sly Adey Well-Known Member. Thank you so much for this thread. I remember seeing "Since you went away" one wet Sunday afternoon on TV and being totally wowed by the blonde sailor and not having a clue who he was orat that time what the film was called. Now I know and I've got it coming from Amazon. It's ama zing how good those films look now and the clothes and haircuts are amazing. He was a complete archetype that must have made an impression on millions.

Sep 29,   THE SECRET DEAL THAT KEPT ROCK HUDSON IN THE CLOSET! after I read or saw a magazine article entitled "Rory Calhoun sleeps in the nude." He haunted my dreams and fantasies for years after reading that. by Anonymous: I was a bit disappointed with how he looked on "Dynasty" vs how he looked in other pics. 56 naked picture Rory Calhoun Guy Madison Nude, and guy madison nude sex porn images, guy madison images guy madison hd wallpaper and background photos, gay lens guy madison hey sailor and hot Rory Calhoun Guy Madison Nude. Review. Johnny Knoxville plays the eponymous Daltry Calhoun in Katrina Holden Bronson's whimsical pet project about a turf tycoon who experiences an unlikely reunion with his preternaturally gifted home in Ducktown, Tennessee, Daltry is making money hand over fist by supplying top-quality sod to golf courses. His business acumen is unfortunately .

You can see that Tom of Finland must have seen him in the early days of his career and Jean Cocteau in his drawings too. Gaydar is an amazing sense that runs deep in the world I reckon.

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Beautiful Man but not a very good actor. My mother dated him for a while before she married my father, right after WW2.

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She said he was very nice and better looking in person than in photos. She also said there was "something" about him that she couldn't figure out. She eventually realized that the "something" was that he was probably gay. In the book "The man who invented RockHudson" there is a passage about Guy is caught getting fucked in a car by Rory Calhoun, who was said to have a huge cock.

Wonder where those photos are today. Willson said Guy had average equipment If a male was just friendly to Gail Russell or just gave her a hug, she thought the man wanted to have sex with her. John Wayne gave her a hug and she asked him so that means you want to have sex with me, right? John said to Gail, of course not!

You are my friend. He asked her what was wrong with her, and she told him everything. He was furious at those big wigs in the studios. Her story is a very sad one. Those bastards should have fried! Fascinating and tragic if true It still says on his wiki that he had an affair with Gia Scala but that's false.

R62 do you have a source for that? I believe that Russell started drinking very early on because she was so nervous in front of the camera. While it's possible that she also started due to the trauma of being raped, I have never read about that happening to her.

I'm not saying he isn't Guy's son, but I can't find any sources on imdb or wiki for their claim that he is. Even having said that I suspect Rory and Guy had a thing going on most of their lives.

They looked too intense when they were photographed together in their haydays with Henry Willson acting as shotgujn Amazing that all the guys that Willson represented said that he put the moves on them, but they never gave in John Saxon was one of the few "Willson Boys" who got better looking with age. Wasn't Mike "Mannix" Conners another of Henry's discoveries?

As far as who knew Rock Hudson was gay, my great uncle in Ireland knew. Fast forward some 20 years, I agreed to meet a friend at The Townhouse of all places for shits and giggles. Wound up chatting with a regular who had been an escort, found a sugar daddy, inherited a bit, and now was an elder gay employing escorts himself.

Guy Madison: nude,furry and uncut..

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During Calhoun's big build-up, Willson kept a firm grip on his leash. Boldly, Calhoun trumped Confidential's "scoop" by going public first. To Hollywood insiders, Rock's closeted truth was NO secret. Since when is this news?

Calhoun nude pics

I thought George Nader was also sacrficed in order to keep Rock in the closet. Both Nader and Calhoun are fug. This story has been known for many years. So did they all have to service the vile Henry Wilson? Did Rock, George, and Rory bump dickheads with wild abandon? Verificatia of size meat? What a waste! Hudson was a self-loathing fucker, period. Rock was reputed to have 10 inches of uncut sizemeat with low hangers. Unfortunately, he was also a bottom!

I guess Karma wrapped this one up. In other "breaking" news, World War I is over. Now we understand Rory Calhoun's later behavior, using preservatives and such.

nude pics - hindi short film - mobi films

R19 Same here. Glad it wasn't just me. Who's Rory Calhoun? Rory in color. He's the person who's always standing and walking, R I thought it was John Bromfield who was sacrificed. I just heard that the Hindenburg crashed!

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Rory Calhoun was in the Angel teenage hooker movies. They are pure camp. I'd say the reason he never rose about B-list had little to do with his past being exposed.

How it ever got green light I'll never know. Same complexion and eyes and everything. I'd like to think that story of him and Guy Madison is true Hudson's rock. Rory Calhoun and Guy Madison having sex is legendary! Was this a common practice back then? I have never heard of either of these people, what's the story behind these rumors? If Henry Wilson's story is any indication, Guy was the bottom. Any info on John Bromfield? That was some slab of manmeat. Oh please.

Galleries showing calhoun

Next OP will tell us J. Edgar Hoover was guy. He was way past 'leading man' age though. BTW, was Trevor Howard gay as well? R64 the son is named Robert Madison and there's definitely a resemblance to Guy.

So Guy had the tidbit. R69 among those "not mes" is John Saxon. I've always wondered.

Porn comics with characters Sergeant Calhoun for free and without registration. The best collection of porn comics for adults. k Followers, 95 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Halle Calhoun??95? (@hallekcalhoun1) posts. Check out Monica Calhoun nude plus all your favorite celebs here at Mr. Skin, home of the hottest naked celebrity pics and sex scenes.3/4(4).

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17 pics, found 4 years ago on Featuring Jada Fire & Richie Calhoun. Photo Gallery - Katja Kassin & Richie Calhoun - Penthouse Pets and the World's Sexist Babes Since Photo Gallery - Katja Kassin & Richie Calhoun - Penthouse Pets and the World's Sexist Babes Since 16 pics, found 2. MONICA CALHOUN nude - 19 images and 7 videos - including scenes from "Intimate Betrayal" - "Bagdad Cafe" - "Trois 2: Pandora's Box". Apr 05,   Guy Madison: nude,furry and uncut Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by I don't think those nude pics are really GM. Just like the one posted of Tab Hunter are not him. In the book "The man who invented RockHudson" there is a passage about Guy is caught getting fucked in a car by Rory Calhoun, who was said to have a huge.

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