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The first female fighter in the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who relentlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of M. It is properly romanized as Chunli in pinyin and pronounced "Chuen-lee", despite westerners commonly pronouncing it as "Chuhn-lee". The Japanese on'yomi reading of the name is Shunrei. Older official sources from the early 90's indicate Chung was Chun-Li's surname, although it is worth noting this could very well not be the case anymore. Chun-Li's appearance has differed several times in the Street Fighter series, as well as in official art and cameos she has made in other works. She is known for her very muscular thighs. Chun-Li wears a qipao, a Chinese dress imported over from Manchuria that became popular among girls during the early 20th century.

She and Karin eventually succeed in shutting down the Black Moons, but F. G uses Li-Fen to make a back up by restarting the Moons and setting them to detonate and explode, causing her and Karin to escape with Nash. Ryu arrives after defeating Necalli and Chun-Li is happy to see him. He joins with them to make a final assault against Shadaloo.

Rashid successfully aborts the detonation and Chun-Li and Guile find Nash and are forced to watch Charlie fight Bison until Charlie sacrifices himself to weaken Bison. She stops Guile from nearing the blast as Nash kills himself. She fights F. G after he survived Marz's attempt to kill him. She manages to knock him out to save Li-Fen.

Chun-Li tries her best to catch up to them.

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When the blast starts catching up, Ryu throws a Denjin Hadoken to stop the fires from the explosion allowing Chun-Li and Li-Fen to escape. Chun-Li is last seen watching the destruction of Shadaloo, finally avenging her father's death.

Over the years, Chun-Li has appeared in almost all of Capcom's fighting games. Chun-Li is a regularly-used cameo character in Capcom games. She makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man 9 as a television news reporter during a prologue scene where Mega Man and Dr. Light are watching a breaking-news report. Mega Man can obtain the Hyakuretsukyaku as a weapon by defeating her. She is also seen during the ending of the DLC expansion Nirvana of Asura's Wrathapprehending a reincarnated Kalrow ; the game refers to her simply as " Policewoman ".

Chun-Li has appeared in all crossovers involving the series i. Marvel vs. Capcomand Tatsunoko vs. Chun-Li appears in Street Fighter vs. X-MenStreet Fighter vs. Marvel SuperheroesMarvel vs. CapcomMarvel vs Capcom 2Marvel vs. She has also made numerous appearances as playable characters in mobile games such as Granblue FantasyShadowverseand Power Rangers Legacy Wars. In Chun-Li's Marvel vs. Capcom ending, she is transformed into Shadow Lady, a playable boss who was easily recognized as a sprite swap for Chun-Li.

Beyond the basic appearance, Shadow Lady had many unique moves in addition to Chun-Li's, due to being a cyborg. This includes transforming her hands into a spinning drill, firing rockets and zapping enemies with electricity. Chun-Li hears of an escaped zoo animal. She apprehends Felicia by mistake and despite Felicia's protests, she is sent to the zoo. The next day she hears of an entertainer's Felicia mysterious disappearance.

She is a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken. When Chun-Li and Cammy hear about the Pandora's box in Antarctica and receive word that Shadaloo will be going after the box, the girls planned to head to Antartica and stop them. After making it to Antartcica and defeating Ogre the two witness edthe box activate and disappear.

Chun-Li, Ryu and M. Bison, and Sagat. Chun-Li, Ryu, M. Chun-Li is an optional leader for Swordcraft decks. Chun-Li is a playable character in this game.

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As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Chun-Li is among the warriors who are sucked into the Grid, pitted against those from the Power Rangers multiverse. In this form, Chun-Li gains a set of new attacks.

The first is the "Kasairyuu", which is a flipping heel kick. The next is the "Hyakugouka", which is a powerful version of her Lightning Kick. The following is "Phoenix Dance", where she kicks her opponent into the air then follows them, delivering a series of kicks and stomps before kicking them to the ground.

The last is the "Houkouen", which is a palm strike and a heel kick before releasing a burst of energy similarly to her Kikouhou In her Super Mode, she gains the "Phoenix Palm", which is a burst of phoenix flame released similarly to her Kikoshou, and the "Senhoukyaku", which is a powerful set of Lightning Kicks. Bison for her father's death. Other than her change of occupation, her personality remains the same. In OctoberHyde Park Entertainment and Capcom announced its intention to produce another film adaptation with the storyline to focus on Chun-Li.

This film will be more character-centered and story-based rather than following a "nebulous plot. Street Fighter is set for a release for the 20th anniversary of the fighting game series. Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk known for Smallville stepped down from the show to accept the role of Chun-Li in the adaptation. As an Interpol agent, she requests to work with Guile to investigate Bison's organization. Guile at first doesn't want to work with her, more eager to pursue Bison himself, but Chun-Li remains persistent and she teases him into openly attacking her to get the frustration out of his system and showcase her martial art abilities.

She convinces Guile that it is more important to put personal feelings of revenge aside and instead be practical and focus on how to work together. The two remain essentially inseparable afterwards until Bison becomes aware of their activities.

Despite her importance to the games, Chun-Li does not meet either Ryu or Ken or participate in the final battle against Bison in this movie, as she is ambushed in her apartment by Vega, Shadaloo's top assassin.

After an intense battle, she manages to defeat him, but her injuries overwhelm her and she slips into a coma.

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A distraught Guile promises her he will bring Bison down and pursues the investigation without her, successfully tracking down Ryu minutes before Bison arrives. Following Bison's defeat at the hands of Ryu and KenInterpol tracks down Shadaloo and destroys its central headquarters.

Chun-Li eventually awakens from her coma, and pulls a comical and cruel prank on Guile by making it appear she has died, before surprising him with a newspaper headline announcing the downfall of Bison's operations. The two celebrate with an embrace. In the original version Chun-Li was given a shower scene before her fight with Vega, which has been censored to varying degrees in all American releases. The recent re-release of the film by Manga Entertainment now offers both the "uncut" UK and original JP versions of the film.

In the episode anime series, Chun-Li appears as the spirited tour guide to Ken and Ryu. Her character in this adaption is a far cry from the world's strongest woman since she is only 15 in this series, and is a Kung-Fu student under the guidance of her father, the highest-ranked police chief in Hong Kong. Chun-Li plays a sizable role in the finale when she is brainwashed by Bison's psycho power.

She and Ken become something of an item during the Vega arc. She also challenges Bison to a fight and is defeated by him. Following this, she becomes one of Bison's brainwashed soldiers.

It is not until after Bison is defeated by both Ryu and Ken that she regains consciousness again and reunites with the two fighters.

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Like in the games, she seeks to avenge her father's death, who was killed by Bison and like her movie counterpart, she also works as a news reporter instead of working at INTERPOL. Bison who was causing trouble with Lucinda and some other scientists who were trying to find a cure a disease that was plaguing the area. In " The Strongest Woman in the World " we learn that Chun-Li saw her father killed by Bison when he was the only person to stay and defend their village.

Chun-Li is then put with the dilemma of either allowing Bison to escape or have a nuclear plant destroy many innocent people in her home country China and is forced to let him go so the innocent people can be protected.

In " Getting to Guile " Chun-Li fought off El Fideo 's best men in a street fight in order to obtain some information she needed but while waiting in her hotel room for the information she was called to save Guile from Bison's mind control.

She recently discovers that Shadaloo has a new leader called Professor Sadler. Chun-Li decides to team up with Ryu and Ken to get information about Sadler and the disappearance of her father. The story begins with Chun-Li encounting Ryu when she and Wallace her partner were fighting Shadaloo's henchmen. Ryu joins in to help them in their fight.

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Chun-Li, amazed by Ryu's strength and power, decides to seek information about him. Wallace then reveals to her, that Shadaloo has a new leader called Professor Sadler who is coming to Japan to hold a street fighter tournament.

Curious about this, Chun-Li decides to investigate this. Luckily she meets with Ryu again on the streets with his long lost brother Shun. Chun-Li introduces herself as they enter an elevator inside a building heading into the tournament. Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken watch on the side lines while Shun enters the tournament to show Ryu how powerful he is.

Shun's opponent was Zangief, who he got beaten up badly by. In the process, Shun reveals that he also has the Dark Hado just like Ryu. Chun-Li has never seen this kind of power before, and became very curious about this strange, evil power. Ryu runs in to stop the fight, only to be beaten up by Zangief as well.

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Enraged, Ryu taps into the Dark Hado and was about to unleash it on Zangief, but stops when he came to his senses, missing Zangief and blowing up the building accidently. Chun-Li tells Ryu that Shun was abducted by Shadaloo. Wallace wonders where Shadaloo has taken Shun. Chun-li believes he's been taken to Sadler's lab, Ryu decides to find Shun with Chun-Li tagging along.

BIKINI FIGHT - Juri Micro Bikini Vs Chun Li Bikini Sdang - Street Fighter 5 PC Modding

Later, they meet with Ken to go to Sadler's second tournament for first class street fighters. While there, Ken realizes that all the winners of the tournament are secretly being lead into Sadler's hideout by his henchmen.

Curious, they investigate only to find out that the street fighters are being captured to have their data extracted. In the end, they discover that Sadler's goal is to become the strongest fighter alive by collecting different types of data from street fighters from around the world. However, his main goal was to extract the Dark Hado from Ryu. Sadler sent Shun to receive any useful information about Ryu, having Shun pretend to be Ryu's long lost brother to fool him. After the ordeal was over, Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li went back to their separate ways, continuing to fight to become stronger.

In the end, Chun-li still hasn't received any information about her father's disappearance. BisonCammyand Blanka. As the manga progresses, she eventually participates in a tournament arranged by Shadaloo, and outlasts many of the other warriors, eventually coming up against Vega, portrayed here as her father's killer.

Her injuries prevent her from doing much when Ryu and Bison confront one another, except call off an air-strike by Interpol as the two fight. Chun-Li appears one final time in the closing pages of the final issue of the Manga in a panel illustration depicting her arrest of a drug peddler, she remains eager to prove herself to Ryu, and sends him a letter conveying that determination.

Much like the anime SF II movie, the story stands alone from the established canon. Chun-Li's hero worship of Ryu was likely later used for the character of Sakura in the Alpha games. In the manga based on Street Fighter AlphaChun-Li is again an agent of Interpol as she is in almost all iterations save for the live action film. In the manga, she encounters Ryu, who has fallen from grace when he began to give in to the Satsui no Hado, and had hired himself out as a bodyguard to some drug smugglers.

However, the three friends encounter members of Shadaloo, and Chun-Li, at the end of the first volume of the manga, rescues Cammy from being captured or possibly killed, the manga doesn't say which, only that losers are 'stored' somewhere after having her hand apparently crushed or at least injured in some way by Sodom. Shadaloo in the manga is once again responsible for the death of her father, though the exact identity of the killer has yet to be revealed.

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Her story begins in San Francisco, where she managed to defeat a group of drug dealers and was detaining them. Eliza stopped by and picked Chun-Li up as she was staying in the Masters residence during her investigation of a new drug created by Shadaloo called "Spider".

She said Ken was away, participating in a Martial Arts tournament in Japan. Teaming up with the San Francisco Police Department, they discovered that one of the drug dealers they detained revealed the distribution routes of the drug. Chun-Li immediately jumped at the chance to capture the distributors and headed out of the station until she met an officer named Cain Zenigaya.

The two found the hideout, which was, ironically, next door to Ken's house. As they went inside the house, they had noticed that the hideout was not heavily secured. They managed to go to the basement and were suddenly ambushed. Chun-Li easily subdued the thugs and found the creators of the "Spider" drug. She called Cain for some assistance until she suddenly felt pain. Cain revealed himself as a double agent for Shadaloo, calling himself the drug ring leader named "Spider" to lure Chun-Li into a trap and kill her.

Using the drug in needles, Cain also said he had memorized her fighting style and purposely brought her to the basement to limit her abilities, which Chun-Li noticed that she was having some disadvantages in the fight. As this was going on, Eliza was watering her plants and saw Chun-Li heading inside her neighbor's home.

As time passed, she began to worry and immediately went next door to check on her. She heard noises coming from the basement and went downstairs, calling for Chun-Li and found her fighting against Cain. She almost slipped as Cain directly threw his needles at her. Sensed that Eliza is in danger, Chun-Li slipped through the needles and attacked Cain with her Senretsukyaku and finished him off with Tenshoukyaku.

At the end, Ken returned home, heard what had happened and berated Chun-Li that if Eliza was in danger again, she will never step foot into his home again. Eliza, however reassured him that the incident gave her more confidence on being a wife of a martial artist, which Ken was in a state of shocked.

Chun-Li also appear on Cammy 's second short story on the second volume. On both volumes, Chun-Li's personality is more lively and girly in which the author apologized to fans in her notes.

In the s, Malibu Comics produced a short-lived series of Street Fighter comics, which featured Chun-Li as having known Ryu and Ken since at least their later teens, along with her having either a romantic involvement with or interest in Ryu. So far, it's the only comic or manga known to have shown Chun-Li with her hair down.

The comic primarily focused not on Chun-Li or Ryu in particular, but rather on the reaction of several of the characters to the murder of Ken Masters. As this comic was never finished it was cancelled after only three issuesthe storyline was never resolved, and no mention was made of Chun-Li's father or of her connections to Interpol.

This series was apparently produced sometime before the release of Super Street Fighter IIas none of the characters introduced in that game appeared in it. Chun-Li becomes once again involved in the hunt for Shadaloo at her first year at Interpol with her father, However, it is not Bison who is the killer of Chun-Li's father personally by himself, but rather Killer Bee who was controlling, prior to her being freed from Bison's control.

Chun-Li battles Cammy when they meet face to face for the first time. Chun-Li winds up forgiving Cammy for her actions due to the fact that as she was a brainwashed servant of Bison's at that time, she was not responsible for the murder of Chun-Li's father, Bison was. As a result, she has turned her sights onto Bison in the hopes of attaining her revenge.

Chun-Li's mode of dress changes several times throughout the series, from outfits worn in Street Fighter Alphato her more traditional qipao from the Street Fighter II games. She has received an invitation from Shadaloo to enter a tournament being held by Bison. After Bison's defeat, Chun-Li decited to take the role of a teacher like Gen, inspiring other kids to do what is right, much like her father did with her during her early years, at some point she discovered a secret Shadaloo base and was captured by Vega.

She is the first Street Fighter character to appear after being informed by Sticks that she would be taken over by a monstrous that known as Sigma and goes to help them out. However, at the end of the crossover, the events of this story was altered due to time being changed by Phane, making every character return back to their home world not and having no meoroy of Sigma nor the events of the story.

Chun-Li fights against an opponent who appears to be Dan who defeats her and is later revealed to be Zartan. Since the storyline of Street Fighter EX is an alternate storyline, it takes place around the time that the event depicted in Street Fighter Alpha would have occurred.

As such, M. Bison is very much at large, and in the process of building up his Shadaloo army. Freshly initiated into the Interpol ranks, Chun-Li is in pursuit of M. Bison and all of the information that she can obtain about his army's whereabouts.

However, many of Chun-Li's efforts are thwarted and she makes little progress in locating Bison throughout the tournament.

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Bison's attentions are on a particular martial artist known as Ryu. The situation is complicated further when Chun-Li is asked to return to the second EX tournament.

She does not wish to go since it seems that M. Bison is not the one hosting the tournament, but rather a strange and unusual dictator named Shadowgeist.

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Her department wants her to investigate his activity, but her luck pays off when M. Bison returns, upset by the audacity that Geist displays in usurping Bison's tournament.

Chun-Li manages to catch M. Bison and challenges him to a fight to avenge her father's death. Unbeknownst to her, Bison's Psycho Power had been enhanced by an attempted attack from Garudaand she challenged him while he was in an unstable state, allowing him to defeat her quickly.

She returned in the third EX tournament. This time, she was persuaded by Guile to be his partner in the search for M. Bison and Guile's missing commander, Charlie. I am fine myself. Where I am an ordinary citizen or an investigator, I always keep your words in mind. And now I wrote you this letter. Wherever you are, you'll always be my father.

Your daughter, Chun-Li". The beautiful warrior dances today. It seems as if Chun-Li'a assignment was going to be over, having captured Vega, the leader of the drug syndicate Shadaloo, avenging her father. However, she let her guard down when Vega revealed to her that he knows where her father is. Chun-Li awoke in a hospital the next day with a renewed purpose.

She removed her hair clippers and shook her head left and right. Chun-Li's long black hair transformed her shadow. Bison who was head of the tournament, Unfortunately, we failed to apprehend him. However, I noticed signs that another evil organisation might exist.

This would pose an entirely new threat to our investigation, I recommend that someone look into the organisation immediately. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article may or may not be a stub, but it's definitely missing something. Specifically: Cleanup of the sections for crossover appearances, animations, movies, comics, etc.

You can help the Street Fighter Wiki by giving us what we need. I'll show you. Contents [ show ]. Chun-Li, as she appears in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.


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