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Chobits - Opening

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The art work, I give an 8 out of ten. Many of those are described as overly cute. This series is completely different.

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It has just the right amount of love, anger, sadness, happiness, and Yummies LOL Watch it and you'll learn what I mean. Chobits hasn't been officially subtitled, but I have seen fansubbed episodes and I must say, since I was first introduced to manga and anime at the age of 13, I have never seen anything this cool! No other anime series is as funny, and none as addictive. Every ninth episode seems to be a long set of memories so that new viewers can get ated on what they have missed in previous episodes.

Good idea, but bad for those of us who have seen all the previous episodes, and want to see more of Hideki and his quest to find out wether Chii really is a Chobit.

I hope I will never have to see a final episode of Chobits. The best anime of megumisguy 7 January Yes, this is the best anime series of How could you not? Hideki comes to Tokyo to attend cram school since he failed his college enterance exams.

On the first day there he finds Chii what a lucky guy!!!

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Of course then he has to figure out how of turn her on. Of course after 4 hours finds her "on" switch - which is located in a more interesting spot. Now what do you do with a cute nude female android? When his new friend shows up he hunts for something for her to wear and how to hide her. The show just gets funnier from there.

As those characters in the series keep mentioning about relationships between computers and humans, i asked myself a couple time - do i support them?

Despite chi's "specialness" and the fact that she is the cutest girl in the world, she is - although i don't want to admit, a computer. There will be no generation afterward, and as Hideki get older, Chi still stays the same, as cute as always Is that a good thing?

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Will the tragedy of Chi's boss happen again? The story ended with a good ending, but i feel sad for both of them, maybe i over-thought it too much. Overall, this anime is the best for no doubt, it definitely deserves a This show is superb. I don't know how currently it has a 7. The show is funny when it wants to be and serious when it wants to be. The first few episodes are the funniest things I've seen in a while. The last episode could possibly make you cry. You will know by the first episode alone if you like it, so give it a shot.

If you decide to keep watching, then you are definitely in for a ride! This show also has plenty of "D'aaaww" moments considering the show is about teaching a robot with the mind of a 2 year old how to do things in normal life. The show will definitely warm your heart. If not, I assure it will entertain you for 24 episodes.

Any fan of anime needs to watch this immediately. Tweekums 5 June I had heard of this series long before I got a chance to see it and when Funimation put the opening four episodes on their YouTube channel I decided to check it out. Even though I prefer my anime subtitled and this was the dubbed version I was quickly hooked and was left wanting more.

Some time later the series was finally re-released here on DVD so I could watch the whole thing. The rest of the series was just as good as the opening episodes although the tone does shift somewhat midway through; the earlier episodes are light hearted and while never explicit often feature situations that suggest that that Hideki; the main character, is a bit of a pervert! Later on things get much darker when the 'person' he cares for disappears.

To summarise the plot; Chobits is set in a world where instead of using personal computers people use Persicoms; robots that fulfil the roles of computers but look almost human. Hideki moves to the city so that he can cram for his university entrance exam; he dreams of owning his own persicom but knows he will never be able to afford one.

Chobits chii nude

He is lucky though and one day finds one lying amongst some garbage. He takes it home hoping to get it working but it doesn't have an operating system installed. He manages to turn it on but all she can say is 'Chi'; and thus she is named. In the opening episodes he struggles to get her working, study for cram school and earn a living. This was a really fun series with plenty of laughs as well as one or two genuinely tear-jerking moments.

While I watched the whole series in Japanese with English subtitles I saw enough of the English dub to say that is sounded pretty good; so dub-fans shouldn't be disappointed. The animation was decent although I'm not sure why Hikeki's eyes were drawn in a different way to all the other characters. True work of art. Most of their stuff tends to be sickening cute or utterly twisted and weird, but "Chobits" is neither one of these.

It is cute and weird, but not to the point where you want to vomit though. Sure Chobits is not for everyone. I do like Dark Anime at times, but those titles I mentioned are so gothic, that they are stupid and inanely overrated. Some even say Chobits is overrated. I don't think so. I do not hear it or see it as much as Clamps other works. My cousin and her friend were really into it. I wanted to get into it too,and I did. I wasn't long till I got the first volume for Christmas, and I bought the rest of the series on my own.

Another thing I would say about this show that it is very funny.

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I know that the character Hideki is very strange and he does want to get into College, but he had to study and quit talking to himself or he would get thrown into a Mental Hospital aka the nut house.

Another thing I like about this show is the beginning theme song, "Let Me Be With You" it's very touching and very sweet. So in closing to that series, add it to your collection. You will see what I mean. MissLaurelle 22 October Chobits was one of the first anime I ever watched also first manga I ever read and after watching quite a few other animes, I would still place Chobits in my top 5. Chobits truly is a cute and fun anime to watch and starts out quite innocent, but the deeper you get into the anime the more serious and intriguing the story gets all while keeping it's cuteness factor through the roof.

Chii is probably one of the cutest, innocent characters you'll ever come across in an anime but her back story is a huge mystery and is the main intrigue of the story. All the other characters in the anime have their own interesting personas which makes the anime even more interesting past it's cutesiness.

Overall I would definitely recommend watching Chobits if you are looking for something light and fun with still a good story behind it. In its storyline, "Chobits" seems to borrow heavily from cyberpunk, the computer-tech and hacker subcultures, and the cult-classic science fiction film "Blade Runner" He moves into a cramped little apartment in order to attend a cram school so that he can hopefully get into a good university.

To help make ends meet, he gets a job at a local restaurant simply called My Pleasure. So far, "Chobits" sounds a lot like any run-of-the-mill, fish-out-of-water comedy you've come across whether it be in Japan or the United Statesbut I've only described what happens in the first 10 minutes of the first episode! Persocoms are so-called because the name itself is an abbreviation of the words "personal computer.

Hideki thus names his new Persocom "Chi," after the only word she knows how to say. Kokubunji suspects that Chi is actually a "chobit," referring to an urban legend that states that certain Persocoms were programmed with free will and the ability to feel a full set of human emotions.

Hilarity ensues pretty much as Hideki tries to teach Chi common sense, manners and how to properly act in the larger Japanese society, but he soon comes to realize that she is harboring a dark secret somewhere in the depths of her supposedly blank CPU - a secret that could prove dangerous if it's truly possible for a Persocom to ever truly find happiness by coming to love a human being.

I guess it's time to justify my earlier "Blade Runner" reference when I mention that the Persocoms in the series are perhaps an upgrade from "Blade Runner's" replicants. The Persocoms here in "Chobits" are able to respond to, and emulate, human emotions, which replicants lacked and were forbidden from achieving in "Blade Runner" while also being used off-world as slave labor; so, you could call "Chobits" an anti-"Blade Runner.

It sounds kind of scary, doesn't it? And "Blade Runner" seems even more prescient now that you think about it. For the first half of this episode Anime' series, it's pretty funny and sweet with the interactions between Hideki, who despite his social and technological ineptitude, is a really nice guy who actually cares about other people and helping them out he's another one of the many great shy-guys common in Anime'and Chi.

Chi is basically like a child who has to be taught proper manners and the such. But things start to take a dark turn in the second half, as the dark secrets surrounding Chi's past start to arise and the implications it has for her burgeoning love for Hideki, as well as all other Persocoms in Tokyo.

It all begins with the arrival of some very well-thought-out cyberpunk elements in the story. Despite some of the darker elements in the second half of the series, be rest assured that things end on a good note. You really won't be disappointed at all with "Chobits. Let's head back towhen James Cameron thought up an idea that many others thought up, but none was good as him. Months later, Terminator was up on the big screen. Skip ahead to The idea of intelligent robots got into the mind of Clamp, a mangaka group, consisting of all women.

Holy cow. Anyways, The story is about a poor 18 year old boy named Hideki who wants his own personal persicon, a robot that can do menial tasks and help out around the house. He finds his wish laying in a heap of garbage wrapped up in thin strips of cloth. I only discovered this anime last night, after a friend told me about it, and i got to say, Clamp had a good idea right here. I'll give it an 8 out of I might come back and change it once i see the rest of the show.

All I could I say about this series, is that when I had heard the name it sounded like "hobbits" with a "c. They acted like personal computers and tend to be unquestioningly devoted to their owners - usually men. One man named Hideki Motosuwa the male lead character of the showfinds a cute persocom in the trash and decided to take her for himself. Upon turning her on, she instantly regards Hideki with adoration.

The only word she seems capable of saying is "chi;" thus he names her Chii. Well that is about I could tell, folks. You would have to watch the series for yourself.

When my twin sister let me borrow her DVD box-set of the series to watch, and after I had watched all the episodes, I automatically love it!

Chii Anime Costume: Hottest Cosplay Photos of Chobits. February 9, Cosplay Views. Elda (??? Eruda), or better known as " Chi" (?? Chii?) is the main female protagonist of Chobits. She is a small and loveable Persocom, who turns out to be a legendary Chobit. She has an unremovable program that allows her to feel human. "chobits" search results, 20+ pictures/comics/videos found. Enjoy young meek and shy girls of universe spreading out their charming legs to boast of their burning with desire tender caves and hard tools flapping their soft balls over tempting nice-touch seats. Chii Chobits hentai cosplay porn - Video cosplay porn by Chii hard sex, hentai, nude, naked, nfsw sex xxx video.

And I personally love Chii, she is just too flippin' cute! So overall, as I said I really love this series. Irishchatter 30 April I thought the first episode was ok but at the same time, I just didn't find it eye-catching or the fact it didn't keep me interested. Yes we see a sexually frustrated guy finding a girl robot with cute elephant like ears among the trash bags outside of his student apartment.

Yeah he saved her life but it's really for his fantasies. It makes you kinda think this is like a hentai or ecchi wanna be anime and I decided to just not bother watching the second episode. Yeah you may think that i should give the anime a second chance but for me, I give only the first episode a chance before watching the second episode and until I'm really satisfied that I can continue watching the series.

Just how I roll and I'm proud of that! Overall I would recommend it if you like cutesy robot inspired anime but for me, I wouldn't go back watching it again and rather forget about it. I watched this anime back in I loved it And by some happy coincidence, i obtained the Blu-Ray for it.

I 'm watching it right this days Can be fun, extremely fun Try to put yourself in his situation: is like a new single-dad We meet the rest of the characters: the smart neighbor, Shimbo and his little energetic "desu" persocom, Sumomo; The childish teacher, Shimizu, the rich introvert kid, Minoru and her persocom, Yuzuki, Yumi, the sweet co-ed of Hideki in the bar he works; Ueda, the manager from Chiroru and Chii's boss at work, and Chitose, the kind-hearted manager.

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They are such a colorful and positive cast that makes the series so light to follow. As the series progressed, we catch some hints that there is something dark, sad in the air, we are not sure what it is, but we feel it.

Then the second half is spiral of revelations that can be extremely emotional. To really understand their feelings, the story has its sub-context: technology alienating people. How technology advances, making our life easy, but at the same time, people are drifting apart? Why people close themselves, relying just in the new advance gadget? This show doesn't provide an answer, it just gets a resolution from a good story, and that 's part of its charm: you have to get the answers yourself.

While in other shows, this means "the director didn't want to provide an answer" in this "the answer is extremely personal, the story ends, everything is solved, but the context don't" that's quite nice. Sadly, the quality of this anime has decreased by his original run, but that's no obstacle to enjoy it. As another great anime, Serial Experiments Lain, it can be watched, and the story became so timeless, that you will enjoy it any year of your life.

I'd Recommend It To Mabye I Mean, Six Years Ago! Nicholai 11 April As I've said many times, I'm not really a fan of anime since it seems most of the series seem to go on and on without any definite conclusions, and forget trying to watch a random episode out of sequence since you won't know what the hell is going on without the proper context of the previous episodes.

Also there's the fact that there are few variations in character design, the diabetes-inducing cuteness it can delve into, and the conspicuous lack of emotional subtleties when a character gets highly emotional and becomes distorted in some way. All those negatives apply to "Chobits", but damn if it doesn't have an engrossing story. PalComix 8? Neon Genesis Evangelion 8?

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