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Well, this is super irresponsible Blueface threw a party for a group of strippers - or as he would say, drunk strippers - and it was beyond reckless as the women broke into a realty-show-worthy physical fight. It went down at the rapper's California estate Saturday. Blueface, with the Instagram handle bluefacebleedem , posted this vid of a bunch of women in bikini tops and g-strings. The video begins with the women in a circular formation with Blueface smack-dab in the middle. It then devolves into a physical fight that violates every safety measure Dr. Fauci and so many others have urged everyone to follow.

Bob's handwritten original lyrics to three of his classics - "The Times They Are A-Changin'," "Subterranean Homesick Blues," and "Lay, Lady, Lay" - are going up for sale through the memorabilia company Moments in Timeand you're gonna need some extremely deep pockets to take them home. It's pretty amazing Bob's handwritten lyrics were acquired from a collector who bought them from the singer's manager years ago, and you can see Bob's mind at work just by looking at the pages - there are tons of edits, scribbles, notes and even doodles!!!

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Bob won a Nobel Prize for literature, but it's still crazy to see how much his artistry is worth. Lots of us are going stir crazy by now, and lots of us are thinking about sex.

So, we gotta ask Neiman Marcus, one of the largest retailers of its kind in America, has hit the mat and can't get up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and the chain is reportedly ready to file for bankruptcy.

Neiman's 43 stores all shut down during the self-quarantine, along with its Last Call stores and its 2, NYC Bergdorf Goodman department stores. It's not really hard to understand. Home

Retailers who support brick-and-mortar stores need customers to come in and buy things, and there are none. That's why other big chains, such as J. Penney, Macy's and Nordstrom are all on the financial ropes. It's unclear what kind of protection Neiman's would be seeking in bankruptcy court, but these are clearly tough times.

It's been a while - for real, how long's it been? Check it out The Louis Vuitton and Polo Ralph Lauren shops chose to go with a more branded look for their lockdowns - with inspirational quotes to boot - but the end result is the same as Jimmy Choo, Dior and Chanel Of course, many of these stores went dark in mid-March, when pandemic panic was in full swing and the City ordered non-essential businesses to close.

Shop owners were initially encouraged to keep their lights on or hire additional security to protect valuables instead of boarding up - to maintain a semblance of normalcy - but stay-at-home orders quickly followed As we told you It's a very similar situation on the West Coast, where several Rodeo Drive shops have moved their inventory to keep it all safe Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a sexy star with an incredible voice!

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This fine fella got his start in a popular boy band and is now thriving as a solo artist. He released his second studio album at the end of last year and it debuted as No. The singer has since been spending the last few months on tour. Take a real good look at the photo above and use the clues here to help you try and figure out which celeb could be hiding in this warped photo!

We spoke to a rep for BetOnline. If you're unfamiliar, there's an option to allow a full computer simulation without any human influence. In other words, a human can select the Packers to play the Chicago Bears We're told BetOnline livestreams the games on Twitch - so gamblers can see the action for themselves in the name of transparency.

There are real gambling lines too - for example, Texans are 3-point favorites to defeat the Falcons in a simulated matchup this weekend! BetOnline tells us they've been getting a ton of action on the video game sports so far - "We are getting as much action on them as an average non-nationally televised MLB game, believe it or not.

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Action keeps getting better daily. One rep told us, "I strongly believe simulated betting is here to stay, even once the big sports return. Luenell is finally welcoming her daughter back into her home after kicking her out over coronavirus concerns, but there's a strict new set of ground rules.

Luenell sent Da'Nelle packing last month to go quarantine solo She told us she didn't feel safe because Da'Nelle was bringing friends around her. It's funny Luenell says her daughter only came back because she needed to do laundry, but now she's there to stay.

CELEBRITY 06/20/ pm ET. Full Frontal Nudity: Celebrities Who Bared It All (PHOTOS) Celebuzz. Are you ready for your close-up? Shia Labeouf shocked fans this week when he went full frontal in Sigur Ros' video, but as Celebuzz discovered when we poured over the movie vault, the Transformers star is in good, naked company. Apr 16,   Breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only TMZ can.

Kids, right?!? Speaking of laundry, Luenell has some sage advice for parents who feel like they need to screen their kids Luenell also tells us about the extreme precautions she's taking with her other helper Here is a year-old version of the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star showing off her wicked good looks at an award show in Los Angeles, CA back in left. She was last spotted earlier this year looking better than ever at a party in West Hollywood, California right. President Trump just did something that rarely ever happens live when he's got a hold of a mic - he fact-checked himself DT was doing his daily White House Press Briefing Saturday, and while he was ticking off figures about testing in New York, he compared rates there to those in Singapore Or, so said his notes, which he paused to correct, while calling out the typo.

First off Also, it's ironic that Trump would point out a typo Here, when it's to boost his image of how he guides the States he oversees At the coronavirus task force briefing, Trump snipes at Democratic governors over "complaining" about ventilators, Covid testing.

The SFW Celebrity Home of [DawnofSuperheroes] Over Pics of Celebs x Models please visit Girls. Aug 21,   Uncensored Photos of Marilyn Monroe and 9 Other Old-School Icons Who Freed the Nipple. Make room, Kim Kardashian. Bella Hadid, and . HOT Celebrity pics and photos, desktop wallpapers and celebrities gossip and screen savers and videos.

Unfortunately, it appears the typo remark was only made to push the narrative that there's more than enough testing going on, and that Democratic governors - like Cuomowho's been calling for way more federal help lately - are simply complaining to complain.

Italians got the first piece of good news regarding coronavirus there in weeks - but people are wisely still staying home Check out this wild scene out of Liguria, Italy, where a couple of incredibly skilled people are literally playing a game of tennis from neighboring buildings, on the roofs no less.

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They're smacking the ball across what must be a good 15 feet or more between them. Even crazier Granted, they could be on a regular court and be considered safe there too.

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But, considering Italy, as a nation, is just now starting to ease their national lockdown - which worked, BTW, as daily deaths and ICU patients are down for the first time in a long time this week - we don't blame these two for going the extra mile to be apart for a match. Maybe we just got a taste of the next challenge for pro tennis players here in the States. Any takers?

Charlize Theron - Tatler magazine Russia (April )

Check out this photo that was shot in front of the Baskin-Robbins on Main Street in Huntington Beach Saturday morning - ya got this lovely lady screaming at the top of her lungs in front of the ice cream shop with a sign that reads, "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death". Huntington Beach this morning Probably not what Patrick Henry had in mind when he wrote this speech while he was trying to rally troops against the Red Coats, but that's how the good people of HB feel about these stay-at-home orders, apparently.

The funny thing is Anything for an overpriced double-scoop, it seems.

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A guy working on President Trump 's newest task force to help reopen the nation just compared the fools taking to the streets to protest quarantine life GOP economist and strategist Stephen Moore - whom Trump's administration has tapped to be part of the White House council to reopen the country - made the absurd comment this weekend in a story published by WaPo, detailing the growing demonstrations nationwide. What he said I call these people the modern-day Rosa Parks - they are protesting against injustice and a loss of liberties.

Of course, the guy's getting ripped online for the ridiculous comparison. In case we had to spell it out Rosa Parks fought to open up the United States to people of all colors.

A lot of these protesters want the country opened up so they can go to the beach. Not to say there aren't millions of people truly suffering now with the shutdown As wrong as Moore is, it's telling that his sentiment has connected with some folks - including those demonstrators who are flocking out in droves.

The President hasn't done us any favors, by tweeting to his followers to "LIBERATE" certain statessquarely contradicting his statement the day before when he said the governors will decide when their states open, and he contracted that statement the day before that by basically saying he was King and only HE could reopen the country.

BTW, there are reports of even more protests just like these popping up this week - in fact, it appears one might already be underway in Texas, where folks are out and about in a rage. Today's Top Stories.

Celebrity Dec 30, 31 Celebrity Bulges That Went Hard In Auld bulge syne. by Christian Zamora. BuzzFeed Staff. Note: Only IRL bulges (bulges that are found in the wild) were taken. Mar 20,   Here's a roundup of the best celebrity bikini photos. Mylan Torres Photo Editor Mylan Torres is's Photo Editor/Producer, where she Occupation: Photo Editor. Richest Celebrities | Celebrity Net Worth. BJ The Chicago Kid net worth: BJ The Chicago Kid is an American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $2 million. View Net Worth.

Exploring the World of Women and Space. Silver Screen Collection Getty Images.

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Jane Fonda. Tony Vaccaro Getty Images. Shirley Maclaine.

Celebrity bj nude

Getty Images. Rita Hayworth. Lillian Gish. Raquel Welch. Marianne Faithfull.

200 mph (2011) - Forced Into Stripping Scene (5/6) - Movieclips

Carroll Baker. A closer look at the actress in this magnificent '60s era dress. Rita Hayworth, popping up again to break a few more sartorial "rules"-this time in Jane Birkin. Not even Kim Kardashian has worn a dress this sheer.

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The s were truly the coolest decade. Sophia Loren.

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