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More Videos A look back at the Casey Anthony story Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. It's been 10 years since Casey Anthony, who was charged in her 2-year-old daughter's death, first made national headlines and became the central figure in a criminal trial that captivated the country. The parallels between Anthony's case and O. Simpson's the decade prior are clear - both featured horrific killings, obsessive coverage and controversial acquittals - and it's no surprise that Anthony's often seen as the O.

They tried to build on the inference that the gate was open, and that the ladder was down and that she was known to go out of the door and go up to the pool because she liked water.

I mean, there was no evidence that that happened. Those were inferences. But they were logical inferences that they were permitted based upon those slim factors to argue Justice is always served in a case where the facts are litigated before a jury, the jury looks at the law through their lens and they render a decision.

People may not agree with that decision, but when a case goes through the process that we have all agreed to live by, then justice is served. Here we are, 10 years away from her death, and people still think about it. And there's one question that is on everyone's mind: What really happened? Until that question is answered, there will always be someone searching and someone wondering what that answer is.

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The Medical Examiner: 'Science took a backseat on the truth'. Jan Garavaglia, retired chief medical officer for Orange and Osceola counties. Looking back 10 years, what I was most appalled with was this lack of the truth and the lack of substantiated information.

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You could just say lies and not back it up by any kind of evidence and it was allowed. That was a turning point for me. This has been happening more and more in the past 10 years, but for me that was the first time that I had to deal with it in society, that sometimes the truth doesn't matter and if you say it loud enough and often enough, people get confused and start believing you.

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As a medical examiner, we're expected to do a few things: identify the body We don't look at just what the autopsy or just what the body shows we look at the scene, we look at the circumstances, we look at what's going on preceding the death.

And in this case, we have a child that is not reported missing. When the child is reported missing by the grandmother, there is no explanation that's credible of what happened to that child.

The body has clearly, clearly been hidden. It has been put in two plastic bags, then put in a canvas bag and then thrown behind a rotting log a couple of blocks from her house. And then we have the duct tape that's still present on the face.

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Those three things together clearly made this a homicide. It's not changed in my mind.

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It's not changed in the police's mind. It's not changed in the prosecutor's mind. There is absolutely no proof this is an accidental death.

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Sometimes I think science took a backseat on the truth with the Caylee Anthony case. I supervised the investigation into the death of Caylee Anthony.

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Detective Yuri Melich's initial beliefs were that, because there was a lot of consternation between Cindy and Casey, that Caylee was probably being hidden somewhere from her grandparents.

But we only believed that for a real short period of time. Once we towed Casey's car to the forensics bay - it clearly smelled of a dead body - and we listened to the tape, at that point, it seemed very unlikely that we were looking for a live child. Having dealt with parents who have lost children, or parents with missing children, Casey Anthony was clearly different.

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When Detective Melich was doing the arrest paper, I sat with her while he was filling out the paperwork. And essentially, we talked about her life - I would say the majority of the conversation was about her wishes to be a personal trainer. Normally, when a parent is missing a child, they're pretty frantic and it's all about the child.

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This conversation was all about Casey. You know, in any interrogation, you try to find what motivates a person to tell the truth, or you try to give them a reason to tell the truth, and I don't know that anything we would have done with her would have made a difference. I mean, some people, you may appeal to their sense of guilt or remorse.

apologise, but

And that certainly wasn't going to motivate her because she's never, at least at any time that I have ever seen her, seemed to have any remorse at all. So, I don't know - I am not really sure how we would have approached it with her, that would have motivated her to tell the truth.

Cheney Mason, senior counsel for the defense of Casey Anthony. I can envision exactly what she looked like at first. She did not look like any kind of monster. She looked like a scared little young girl - a young woman I should say, but at my age, she's a girl. Casey was tiny. Her wrists were about as small as my two fingers. She was very polite and very respectful.

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There wasn't anything smart aleck-y about her. No assumptions or anything.

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I, of course, did not absolutely know, but my intuitive feelings were that she was not guilty of doing it. My belief is that Casey's primary focus of intelligence shut down in disbelief that her child was missing or gone, and just fabricated whatever.

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If you saw the photographs, videos, history, of Casey and Caylee you wouldn't find a more attentive, closer, loving relationship than that. So, how do you take that loving relationship and this great motherly care and, all of a sudden, change that into some monstrous killing? All I know is that Casey did not deserve to face the death penalty in that case and I was not gonna let her get it if I could stop it.

44m Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'kitten' hashtag. Jun 29,   From Judge Perry to defense attorney Cheney Mason, hear from some of the key players in the Casey Anthony saga reflect on the case 10 years later. Jun 13,   Tiny kitten throws its paws in the air to mimic carer's hand movements in adorable tickling game Casey, who captured the cute footage, said: 'This is the cutest video we've ever take of any.

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Married lesbian 'throuple' Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young from Massachusetts are having a baby

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