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C.G. Conn 10M "Lady Face" Tenor Sax Demo, Wichita Band Instrument Co

Remember Me? What's New? Yay or nay? Results 1 to 18 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Conn 10M Naked Lady Tenor.

The angle of the crook may cause the player to raise an eyebrow.

Testing Conn 6M Naked Lady

In comparison to modern instruments it's set a little lower, which means you have to raise the horn slightly higher in relation to the embouchure position.

It's not uncomfortable, but it might take a little while to get used to it. The crook is not that well braced - again, a common problem with vintage instruments - and once again due care should be taken when the horn is in transit.

If it cops a whack, that wire brace is likely to punch its way into the tubing just above the tenon sleeve - and that can be very expensive to fix.

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It's also a good reason to avoid fitting the mouthpiece once the crook is fitted to the horn. This is when 'pulldown' is most likely to occur - the force of carelessly pushing the mouthpiece on bends the crook tube down. Best to play it safe and fit the mouthpiece before fitting the crook to the horn. As for the action - well, this is where the horn really comes into its own.

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There's really no other sax quite like it. The 10M is capable of supporting the lowest, fastest, lightest action out there - with comparatively little loss of tone or detriment to tuning. Quite why this is I do not know, it's just the way the instrument is built - just bear mind that to keep it running like this it will need more frequent checking and adjustment because of the point screw design In an attempt to build in a degree of adjustability into the action, Conn used a shoulderless point screw held in place by a small grub screw at 90 degrees to the point screw.

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In theory this method ought to work quite well - in practice the grub screws are too small to properly secure the point screw and end up either splitting or corroding solid in the pillar.

For the player this means having the action adjusted on a regular basis, or putting up with noisy action and occasional leaks.

Conn 10M "Naked Lady" Tenor SaxophoneSerial Number xxx dates to /Some cosmetic wear as shown, but sax plays great top to bottom, recently tuned up. Includes Gator gig bag as pictured. Please contact me with any questions. I can send more pictures upon request. $/bo + $50 shipp. Jun 20,   Conn 10M Naked Lady Tenor. Yay or nay? It is time for me to upgrade my tenor. So I found a Conn 10M Naked circa It looks to be in beautiful condition, new pads, rolled tone holes, and surely is the instrument of my dreams. One problem. It has . Mar 21,   On the other hand I find good Conn saxes better for playing loud across electric instruments. This one has a shrill - though not strident - sound. It is well balanced, although the bottom keys require more pressure than they do on the Mark VI. Saxifications. Make - Conn; Model - Artist 6M 'naked lady' alto; Serial Number - ,

For the repairer it's hell on earth - and quite a few will charge you more for sorting the action out on these instruments. There are workarounds, the most drastic of which entails cutting larger lock screw holes - but then this diminishes from the horn's originality and with instruments like this it's almost a duty to take such issues into consideration.

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Far better to make use of modern materials, such as threadlock solutions or nylon inserts - which are completely reversible and quite effective at locking the point screws in place. The keywork has a couple of extra features - a G trill just below the low F key, and an Eb trill - actuated by a key on top of the low E key whilst the F and D key fingers are forked. This actuates a small key cup round the back of the instrument, as seen here on the left.

It's common to see this key cup wedged closed - few players use this trill these days, it simply adds weight to the action and is another thing to go wrong.

Reversing the spring on the trill key cup is the common method of adapting the action - though a bit of cork wedged under the trill cup guard will do the job just as well, if less elegantly. The example here has been reverse sprung permanently closed. If you require the use of this key it's vital to ensure that the pad seats correctly and that there's no excessive wear in the action.

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The bell key cluster is neat and tidy, and quite slick in action even though it's quite basic. The positioning might take some getting used to though, but note how the low Bb spatula extends round from the back of the cluster to cover the top on the arrangement, which give you more options when going back and forth between B and Bb.

The G key is particularly nice, being rather more of a long lever than its modern counterparts.

This is a great vintage C.G. Conn 10M Naked Lady Tenor in original silver plate, serial number If you are looking for a great playing 10M with a darker sound this one is going to be hard to pass up. The last owner played it regularly and kept it professionally maintained over the years. There's a Conn 10m tenor for sale vaguely near where I live for what looks to me to be a reasonable price, but far enough away that I don't really want to make the trip unless I'm likely to be really happy with it. I've never had a Conn and I have a vague memory of there being ranges of years considered good and bad for it. Am I right? Conn Artist ("Naked Lady") › Models, Finishes and Engravings; The Conn Artist ("Naked Lady") There was some experimentation with different keyguards for the tenor and different microtuner-neck and over-the-top neck octave key designs for the alto, but the design of the 6/10/12M remained essentially the same from to

What this means is that relative spring tension here can be set quite high without making the G action excessively heavy under the finger, which should help prevent sticky G s.

The C key is a single piece, directly sprung, so it's heavier than on a modern horn - but the generous touchpiece gives you plenty to press down upon.

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As for playability, well, what a delight. This horn has it all, and more besides. Tonewise I find it uniquely capable of giving either that typically warm, full bodied ooomph that you'd expect from a fine vintage horn whilst still being able to produce a sound so edgy you could cut glass with it.

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The action is an inspiration - to play faster. Yes, it's nice to wallow in that lovely broad tone but there's something about a well set up 10M that positively demands you try out your fastest, flashiest licks on it. And the best of it is that it's right there with you, it just never seems to trip over itself.

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The tuning is good too, most vintage horns have their quirks - as does the 10M, but nothing that barely a few hours playing won't put straight. It's worth bearing in mind that although the 10M range ran from around toConn dropped the rolled tone hole feature around To all intents and purposes this shouldn't have made any difference - but if you play a rolled tone hole model alongside a plain tone hole version you'll notice that there is a difference, and the later version has a brighter, less rounded tone.

This has nothing to do with losing the tone hole roll itself, it's simply about a change in the bore design.

A 'Naked Lady' alto sax would be either one of the 6M or 26M models with the 'Naked Lady' engraving or one of the pro Conn saxes made just prior to the 6M during the transitional period between the New Wonder II (Chuberry) and the 6M. However, it is only considered a 'Naked Lady' sax IF it has the Naked Lady . 29 rows - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more. Conn 10M (Ladyface) tenor saxophone Origin: USA (Distributed in the UK by Lafleur, London) the Naked Lady. Rumour has it that the more of the lady you can see, the better the model The build quality of these horns is generally excellent. Conn used a shoulderless point screw held in place by a small grub screw at 90 degrees to the.

I've played some truly wonderful rolled tone hole models, and some simply unimpressive plain tone hole models I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions. Has had a partial re-pad. Cleaned in Ultra Sonic bath.

Conn m naked lady

Original case is in good condition. Neck cork shows light wear.

Jan 21,   These "Naked Lady" engravings are usually found on "Standard" series saxophones, hence the incorrect idea that the engraving signifies that model and/or a better built instrument. The Naked Lady engraving can also frequently be found on Conn euphoniums and sousaphones, but only very rarely on Conn cornets, trumpets or trombones of the same period.". Make Offer - NearMint Conn 6M VIII Naked Lady RARE silver-plate rolled tone hole pro alto sax. C G Conn Alto 6M Wind Pal. $3, Free shipping. Make Offer - C G Conn Alto 6M Wind Pal. Conn Transitional Alto xxx Naked Lady Silver 6M Sweet Vintage. $2, +$ shipping. Vintage Conn 6M "Naked Lady" Alto Sax Rolled Tone Holes (w/case)Great working and playing condition. Has had a partial re-pad. Cleaned in Ultra Sonic bath. 90of lacquer is intact. Original case is in good condition. Neck cork shows light wear. No mouthpiece in Rolled ton.

No mouthpiece included. Made in Rolled tone holes. Under slung octave key.

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Serial number: MA Please see the photos for more details. Condition Good Used.

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Good condition items function properly but may exhibit some wear and tear. Seller Reviews.

Do you have a 'Naked Lady' sax?

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Ultravox - The Collection - Vinyl. View All Reviews. Return Window This product can be returned within 14 days of receipt. General Terms Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Refunds Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs.

92 rows  Conn. Conn Models; Worcester; Wonder Improved; New Invention; New Wonder Series I; . - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more. Vintage C.G. Conn 6M M Series Naked Lady Alto Pro Saxophone Sax USA. Description Have you been looking for that survivor quality C.G. Conn 6M M Series Naked Lady Alto Pro Saxophone? This is a nice original survivor that is from a Midwest family that is downsizing. This model was produced in the s and is considered a very good sax.

Original Asking Price: ,

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