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My whole fucking life changed because of that cocky son-of-a-bitch and that fucking donut. The story started at the beginning of the school year. I was in my second year of teaching at the school, and teaching in general. I was a baby-faced twenty-three year old teaching kids just a few years younger than I was. I taught English to those on the college preparatory track.

You can definitely tag me in like you did Pierce, though. Eventually, they ended up at the same bedroom Jack was hypnotized in.

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Travis had already taken out his pendant and started swinging it back and forth. You will act normally whenever you are working.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Submit your nudes! You don't need to be asian You can either submit or send me a message. Have fun sending nudes and earning followerson you want.

Whenever you are off duty, you are to text me. If we are both off, you will go to my house and serve as my sex slave. That night, both Jack and Link were off, and Travis had the first of many threesomes with his new sex slaves. A straight guy is sick of his gay friend wanting to have sex with him so he uses a spell to magically link the gay guy to his cock. Whenever he has sex, the gay guy feels the pleasure that the straight guys cock is feeling.

Whenever the straight guy cums, it starts leaking from the gay guys mouth. Tom Holland its tired of all the stress and things and decides to change with a fan to relax for a bit. This is incredibly vague. What do you want from this?

Cristiano ronaldo signs a contract for a team where only the footballers who are most muscular and have the biggest dicks. But he does not read the small print, which makes him hypnotized and a slave. He was dressed in his cop uniform. His session was right after he got out of work, so there was no time to change. In fact, he kind of enjoyed sitting in the waiting area with his uniform. It showed that a real man could talk about his feelings as he beat your ass.

A couple minutes later, Dr. Barnes opened the door. There was quite a juxtaposition there, of the beefy officer and the weak therapist. Still, he was the one who sat behind the desk as Myron took a seat on the couch.

Barnes asked. So, do you feel ready to go back under again and work through some of that trauma? He had been sent to Dr. Barnes a few months ago after he shot somebody and killed him.

His fellow officer and the internal review board both agreed that he was justified in taking the shot to kill. However, it haunted Myron. He and Dr. Barnes had worked through a number of techniques, but hypnotherapy seemed to work the best.

He laid back as Dr. Barnes stood up and grabbed his pendulum. He walked over to the cop laying on his couch, and started to swing the pendulum in front of him. The counting down had changed over the past few sessions. At first, it was a normal countdown, bringing Myron deeper and deeper and delving deep into his subconscious.

Barnes had easily figured out why Myron was harvesting so much guilt; he had a memory of his uncle being shot in front of him repressed. That actually did happen, but it was besides the point. He was a gay man, and a total submissive. The last few sessions had been about creating a new persona in Myron, one more dominant that would only come out when he was under.

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Today was the litmus test to see if it had worked. Barnes replied. He dropped to his knees as Myron played with his cock a little bit.

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To read more of the hot fuck session between Myron and Dr. You get access to complete versions of hot stories, like this one, and NSFW pics to go along with them! Maximillian was busy studying in the library when a card was dropped on his textbook. Leroy Russo was the head jock of the school. He had that perfect body, perfect hair, and from the rumors Maximillian heard, a perfect cock too. Max knew that he liked guys, and liked Leroy, but dating was not part of his life plan until he received his doctorate.

However, the more and more he thought about, he did need some time to let loose.

agree with you

He normally spent them jacking off, to thoughts of Leroy and the other jocks. Masturbation did have many health benefits, but Max decided it was time to switch it up a little bit. To his surprise, everyone noticed his presence.

It was quite a stark difference between the two men, the small skinny white nerd, and the tall muscular black athlete. I thought you might be looking for something different to drink.

You have my word, bro. It at least smelled like orange juice, and he tentatively took a sip. Well, I have to go mingle some more. He sat down on the couch and looked around. He knew nobody here, at least not as friends. He recognized many of his classmates, but he only knew their names. As Max sipped on his drink, some changes began to occur. Soon after that came his shoes.

A bunch of people had gone shoeless at the party already, men included, so nobody batted an eye. It looked to be getting darker. Now, the light in the living room was admittedly dim, but Max was a pretty pale white man. Pretty much any darkening of his skin would be noticeable.

Finally, another change was happening, one that was not evident, at least not yet. Max was slowly dropping in intelligence as well. He could barely hear the lovers chatting next to him, let alone his thoughts! He took a couple more sips from his drink. He cradled it in his hands, making sure he was the only one that drank it. Soon after he did, he took off his socks as well.

It was about to burst, but thankfully he was wearing an undershirt. That only showed off his newfound muscles, especially abs that were starting to form. A few people went over and chatted with him, now that he looked like that. He explained to them that he was gay, but that was also when he first noticed his intelligence actually dropping. Instead of the erudite speaking style he usually had, he was using more and more slang. There were a bunch of hot guys here that he wanted to fuck, or get fucked.

He took a couple more sips of his drink.

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

He decided that he should go shirtless. A few guys had gone shirtless as well, and besides, his body was starting to look a lot like theirs. His skin had dramatically darkened, looking almost black now. Flirting became even more obvious and intentional, and so did his lack of intelligence. The old Max would have been horrified by the sentence that came out of his mouth, but the new Max loved the fact that it led to a hot makeout session with an equally hot jock, which even involved tongue!

The hot jock moved on to the next guy, and Max chugged the rest of the drink. His impressive cock was flopping around his boxers, visible to all.

opinion, lie

Leroy soon made his way over to the new and improved Max. True, it was orange juice, but he had lied about spiking it. Springing for the race change formula was worth it.

Cinaede Furi

A gracious Patron allowed me to post his private and personalized story here on! A fitness influencer on Instagram does a quarantine workout livestream, while a viewer transforms her into Joe Wicks throughout.

A couple other people noticed it, but Kara did not. Her arms were getting hairier, and bigger, by the second! A lot of people began talking about it in the chat, but Kara just continued. Her feet also seemed to grow larger, but to the dismay of a few fans, the shoes and socks seemed to grow with her as well. She was a busty woman, but everyone watched as her breasts literally shrunk right before their very eyes.

They were no longer rounded breasts, but pecs. She was wearing short shorts, one that barely covered her ass, which meant her newly created cock was highly visible and made an obvious bulge. Her hair grew longer and curlier. Her abs became more defined, and her ass actually got a little bit bigger. She grew a dusting of hair in between her pecs and above her penis. One of the last things to change about her was her facial structure.

When she looked at the camera again, she was no longer a he. To help me make those videos, buy some of my merchandise! Link is in my profile.

Female Erotica in Japan (Full Documentary)

I also have an OnlyFans account. Will you do a story where Charlie Carver hypnotizes his twin brother Max and makes him listen to an audio file to turn him gay? Then before waking Max up, Charlie gets another devious idea and decides to have his twin lie down and be his fart cushion.

Cina naked tumblr

The twins had gotten used to hearing each other moan as they jerked off, but both of them wanted to feel their cock in a hole. Charlie wanted his cock in an asshole, while Max wanted his in a tight little pussy. No stranger to fantasizing about fucking his brother, Charlie looked for ways to make that a reality.

Max would never be into pure incest; he needed to be goaded into it. That was when Charlie stumbled upon hypnosis. It seemed a bit difficult to learn if he was just doing it by himself, but fortunately there were a number of sites that would create hypnotic scripts for him.

He received a mp4 later that day with his hypnotic commands he entered, as well as some binaural beats to really cement the hypnosis. Instead, a soft and smooth female voice began speaking. You want to hear what I have to say. Your cock gets hard hearing my voice telling you what to do. She was right; Max had fallen under her control quickly. Good boy, Max. Now listen carefully.

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