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Beca + Chloe - Can I Be Him

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Aubrey thought she would still be a bit pissed or flustered upon seeing Chloe, but now, sensing the other girl's discomfort from across the room, she suddenly feels embarrassed for her roommate, no longer because of her. When a couple of douchebags pipe up about how Chloe could run disrobing or disrobed to their room anytime tooAubrey is quite a bit more than indignant. If there's one thing she disapproves of more than women who can't seem to respect themselves, it is men who do not even try to respect them.

She shoots up from her seat, straight and taut as a knife, and hurls at them the first of many lashing insults her year would remember her for.

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Even Chloe gapes at her in surprise. Aubrey clears the seat next to her of books and waves at the redhead to come over. Nobody cracks any more jokes when she scoots down. I didn't think-I'm really sorry, Aubrey about the bra thing, everything. That evening, Aubrey demands that Chloe give her a copy of her schedule and synchronizes their alarm clocks.

She announces that it will be her mission to ensure Chloe will never have to rush to class again. She also holds Chloe's cellphone and iPod hostage until Chloe makes her closet more orderly and lays out her clothes for the next day where she will not miss them. Yet amusement and gratitude are laced into her tone. She adds: "Probably because you're a motherfucker. For a moment, Chloe is afraid she's ruined it, totally ruined it, and whatever hope for friendship she'd had with her bossy roommate has gone with another one of her boo-boos with boundaries.

It shows in her face, now bright red as her hair, as it should have been that morning, when, as far as Aubrey is concerned, Chloe was the biggest motherfucker of them all. Then, suddenly, one of her own bras hits her face.

Chloe beale naked

Chloe has barely sputtered out a "Wh-at?! Aubrey can barely contain it, not with that mortified look now on the redhead's face.

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Because I am. They will laugh again about this evening, later on, when they realize they became friends because Aubrey was so desperate to never have to see Chloe naked again and Chloe called her a fucker because of it. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Movies Pitch Perfect. And the one time-or maybe two or three times-she won't admit that she wasn't. God, I am so dea this is the third time I'll show up past - " How did she ever end up with such an insufferably disorganized, utterly shameless roommate?

Not to mention a bit sorry, as well as sorry for her own behavior earlier. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

The Five Times Aubrey Posen Was Mortified to See Chloe Beale Naked

In the resulting silence, Chloe lifts her chin self-righteously. Her blouse falls off completely.

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Admittedly, Aubrey returns to their shared apartment earlier than she usually does on Thursdays. But junior year is well underway, papers and tests are piling up, Alice is turning into an even crueler slave-driver, grad program invitations are dropping in, and her father is on her case for not yet selecting a law school. Aubrey skips her workout after night class, just wanting to curl up in bed, sleep in peace, and hopefully wake up with a settled stomach. In the same breath with which Aubrey thanks pantheons of aca-gods that he is wearing boxers, she also prays she will soon forget the nail marks on his stomach.

She loiters in the library until the last possible second, then holes up in a deli. It was not an impossible thing to happen in college-hell, in life. Besides, she reminds herself, if her history of spotting Chloe in various states of undress is any indication, Chloe is no nun.

Because all those guys were never in your dorm room or apartmentAubrey thinks. My God, Chloe, you and boundaries. This time, you feel your space has been invaded. Just-just warn me next time, please, if you can manage. For some reason, she is more unable to look at her now, fully dressed in pajamas, than when she was just covered by a blanket. Aubrey sighs. 'chloe' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. The first time Aubrey Posen sees Chloe Beale naked, she is on her way to her AM class and her roommate is running late for her AM one. The blonde is just about to turn the knob of their dorm room door when it flies open and the redhead races in, wearing nothing but an open bathrobe. She's come running from the showers down the hall. Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS Here. Check out the new Chloe Bennet's outtake photo by Eric Ray Davidson . You can see her naked .

Maybe this Tom really matters to Chloe, she thinks. Forget about the couch. Tell me about Tom. Did that guy really make her best friend so happy? As Aubrey slides Chloe off her and towards the other side of the bed, she tries hard to ignore a voice in her head. What would it have been like-what could it still be like-if they did not have each other?

There has been an endless stream of food, baked goodies, board games, and movie marathons, as well as a snowball fight and the promise of sledding in the coming days. This night, she and the five Beales have fallen in around the fireplace, teasing Chloe by showing their guest photo albums of her childhood. There is a slightly bigger baby Chloe, clad only in diapers, pounding her palm on a pillow designed like a piano.

There, too, is toddler Chloe, running naked across the front lawn, having broken free from a plastic pool in the background.

Beale turn to shoot at each other when, at a photo of a four-year-old Chloe cavorting topless at the edge of a lake, bikini top in hand, Aubrey bursts out laughing and Chloe, with a yelp, smothers her laughter with a pillow. Beale says after Aubrey has closed the last album.

Nothing of the sort would ever happen in her home, Aubrey knows. Not that she has naked kiddie pictures; that was improper, even then-not that she has that many candid family pictures in the first place. Fitting in with the Beales gives her a chance to feel what she never has, yet it also shows her just what that is.

Neither is it like when Chloe fell asleep with Aubrey in her arms after Aubrey had cried her heart out for the first time about her family. By the fifth time Aubrey has to deal with Chloe being shamelessly naked againshe has given up denying that she has also actually been thinking of Chloe naked.

Hates It. She hates that her roommate once had to run through their dorm hall practically in the nude, then strip and dress right in front of her. She hates that her one true teammate on the Bellas had to prove her being so by literally rising and standing by her side while practically naked when she refused to join the sisterhood of singing skinny-dippers.

Nude pics of chloe beale

Among all the things she hates that have led to this realization, right at the start of senior year, when the world seems to hate Aubrey as much as she hates it, she hates this the most. But for all the hatred boiling inside her, Aubrey discovers she does not know the meaning of loathinguntil she meets Beca Mitchell. Or, rather, until Chloe meets Beca Mitchell-and meets her againin the showers, and comes home a blabbering whirlwind of excitement and adulation.

She tumbles over word upon word, leaving Aubrey open-mouthed in horror at her latest escapade. Even Tom shrugs in helplessness as he shuffles out of their apartment, the topmost buttons of his shirt still undone. Respecting yourself! Listen to her. Just listen to her! And Aubrey does, if only for Chloe. Really: only for Chloe. Despite the ever-growing, ever-sickening ire, she listens to the freshman.

Through auditions, rehearsals, and discouraged! Either way, it only leads her to hearing Chloe gush over the alt-girl more. Just screw the fuck out of her already and leave me aloneAubrey wants to snap.

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Sure, the stripping is metaphorical, more humbling than mortifying, but it is not something Aubrey will ever forget.

Winning the ICCAs. Actually becoming better than Alice. Aubrey wakes to sunlight streaming through the curtains and spilling all over Chloe.

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The redhead, luminous hair streaming over her pillow and down her bare form, senses her movement and turns. Involuntarily, too, Aubrey blushes and shifts the sheet farther up her chest, noting that Chloe-of course -only has it just below her waist. The senselessness of her gesture, given what they have both woken up to, only deepens the flush on her cheeks. She loses herself in giggles when Chloe grins at what she has done, then loses her laughter, breath, and the sheet when Chloe moves over for a long, deep kiss.

She returns it, eagerly. For she cannot lie, and the truth is she cannot say that she is sorry to be this desirous. And thishaving all of this?

Chloe, here and now, Chloe, last night, Chloe, in every moment of every year in each of their lives together and apart, which led them both to this?

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This is something Aubrey wants to have, again and again, always and forever. She is no longer ashamed about it, and she will no longer be embarrassed to express that.

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Not anymore. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Notes: Pitch Perfect does not belong to me, and all that legalese. Work Text: 1. Not to mention a bit sorry, as well as sorry for her own behavior earlier.

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