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Special Cammy White - Street Fighter II Victory - By CadDu

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When the police orders Cammy to give them Decapre, her protective nature of the Dolls kicks in, causing her Cammy to knock down a police officer. One of the officers fires his gun at Cammy for retaliation, but Cammy quickly carries Decapre out of harms way. Determined to save her, Cammy fights and defeats the officer. Before another officer can shoot her, Juri arrives to knock the policemen aside with her motorbike.

She offers Cammy a ride, stating that she can repay her with Decapre. Juri removes Decapre's mask, exposing her burned face to everyone. Juri laughs at how Cammy's desire to nurture the Dolls have turned her and Decapre into fugitives. As a fugitive and to her own chagrin, Cammy knows that she must think quickly, and therefore decides to go with Juri. Carrying Decapre, she hops onto the motorbike. As Cammy and Juri ride away from Chun-li and the others, Vega watches with a stalker's amusement, obsessed with his own probably personally assigned mission of subjugating Cammy, bringing her to Shadoloo, and then perhaps possessing Cammy as a reward.

At Union Station, Juri crashes her motorbike through the windows, relieved that they have lost the police. Cammy notices Decapre is awakening. However, she attacks her on purpose because of her extreme hatred towards her causing both of them to have a catfight. As Decapre tries to choke Cammy, Juri watches on, amused that Cammy has given up everything to save her, despite the fact that she's trying to kill her.

Cammy demands Decapre to stop attacking as she mounts on top of her. Decapre continues to fight and begins punching Cammy in the face. Juri believes that Decapre will never be cured and that Cammy should just kill her instead. Just when Decapre is about to hit her with her infused daggers, Cammy catches the attack and knocks her out with a hard punch to the face.

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Juri laughs, impressed for her actions as Cammy gazes at Decapre with remorse. Suddenly, Vega arrives and confronts Cammy, who gets up from Decapre so she can fight him. Vega notices the unconscious Doll and chuckles, much to the chagrin of Cammy. Vega claims that Decapre may be an 'ugly' Doll, but she still has a role to play. He then attacks her. As Cammy defends herself, Vega is impressed at how Cammy's beauty is brought out with conflicts of her past memories, believing that such things were lost.

Vega fights Cammy, wanting to see this new beauty of hers. After defeating Cammy, he flatters over her.

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But Vega's obsession with Cammy is interrupted by Juri, who calls him a pervert. Juri claims that Cammy belongs to her since she picked her up first; Vega accuses Juri of lacking delicacy, which Juri expresses no concern. The two fight each other as Cammy wakes up. Seeing Vega is standing close to Decapre, Cammy quickly kicks Vega's mask off of his face, causing him to retreat. Cammy briefly stays on Helen's side for Decapre's sake.

She overhears a voice message from Li-Fen, stating that she has a way to a command to stop the Black Moons. When Charlie admits that he is unable to defeat Bison, Helen becomes upset, desperately demanding that he must kill him. Helen reminds Charlie that he doesn't have much time left, which he acknowledges before leaving.

Later on, Cammy arrives in the final assault against Shadaloo. To her horrible shock, she finds all of the Dolls are controlled by F. Cammy confronts Juli, who has become infused with Psycho Power. She fights and eventually defeats Juli. As Cammy approaches her unconscious body, Vega, forever determined to rape and possess Cammy, appears and attacks her again.

Cammy drops in her stance as Vega expresses his appreciation of her eyes and his dark desire to fill them with despair. Vega defeats Cammy, managing to hit her stomach with his claw.

He demands that she surrender to him so that he can 'see more beauty', and leaps in for the kill. But before he can finish her, Cammy is saved by Decapre, who blocks Vega's claw. Never one to express alarm, Vega is nonetheless impressed that she is finally free from control. Suddenly, Juri arrives, almost crashing her motorbike into the group. The vehicle slides off into the background and explodes, while Juri challenges Vega, since she apparently believes that 'everyone is having a lot of fun'.

Cammy glances at Decapre, wondering why she has saved her. Juri is truthful in claiming that Decapre wants to help her, but also feeling a bit of jealousy Cammy is probably used to this. Vega attacks Juri again? Meanwhile, Cammy and Decapre are surrounded by the remaining Dolls. They prepare to fight their 'sisters' who are still controlled by F. When confronted by Rashid, the device that controls the Dolls is destroyed during their fight.

As the Dolls awaken, Shadaloo guards try to seize Cammy, but because the Dolls have broken free from the mind control, they are able to ward them off. The 'sisters' are thus reunited. As mentioned above, Cammy is a bonus boss character in Final Fight: Streetwiseand can be fought through the in-game tournament section as a reward.

Cammy is one of the playable characters in the first game of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. It should be noted that this was the first appearance of "Killer Bee" Cammy, as she had not yet appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

In addition to showing loyalty to Bison, her special moves also emit purple flames, though whether or not she uses Psycho Power in the MvC games is unclear. She would remain absent in the series until Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroeswhere she retained most of her playstyle from her previous appearance, as well as her design. She did not return for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. An unused sprite of Cammy exists in Marvel Super Heroes vs.

Street Fighterwhich was intended for one of Norimaro 's animations that were cut from the final game. Cammy appears as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK and Capcom vs.

Cammy is one of the playable characters and one of the three Street Fighter characters, the other ones being Charlie and Vega in the multi-directional shooter game Cannon Spike which is named, outside of Japan, after Cammy's trademark attack.

Cammy also appears in Namco x Capcomfirst as an enemy whose mind is being controlled. After a certain point, she joins the party as Chun-Li's partner.

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In their Arcade story mode, Cammy discovers that Shadaloo has begun searching the Pandoraa mysterious box that fell from space and crash-landed on Earth. However, due to her affiliation with the British secret service, she is unable to act on any of the information she has acquired.

Then one day, she receives a phone call from Chun-Li, who has also been keeping tabs on Shadaloo. Chun-Li has learned that both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are attempting to secure the box for their own purposes. Chun-Li contacts Cammy in the hopes that they can work together in order to stop the two organizations from harming any more people.

While the former tends to keep their organization within the shadows, the latter has their operations more out in the open; giving them plenty of opportunities to investigate. Cammy soon receives word from one of her colleagues that Jin Kazama is somewhere in the Antarctic. At the same time, Chun-Li learns that a Shadaloo VTOL has also been spotted in the Antarctic and tries to deduce why both organizations are converging at the same location.

With a chance to put a stop to their plans, Cammy and Chun-Li head toward Antartica. Chun-Li spots them and asks to state their business. Before the apprehensive Asuka can answer, Lili rudely declares that their reason for being here is none of their business and demands Chun-Li and Cammy to leave much to Asuka's shock. Believing that they are here to interfere, Lili attacks and throws a spinning kick towards the two. However Cammy blocks the kick with her own. She then uses her leg to push Lili's out of the way, causing her to stumble to the ground in front of Asuka.

Cammy drops to her stance and arrogantly warns her opponents to "run on home to mommy. After defeating Asuka and Lili, Chun-Li commends their strength and acknowledges how the young are also fighting for the future. However, an apathetic Cammy is more concerned how much time they have wasted. When they arrived in Antartica, they confront Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu; who have been under the direct influence of Pandora. Although they defeated them, Cammy and Chun-Li can see how Jin and Xiaoyu have been affected by the box's power, as well as how dangerous it can be.

As they continue their investigation, Ogre appears from the ice below to begin his slaughter. Chun-Li and Cammy defeat him to end the threat. They study the effects of the energy from the light that unlocked from the battle they had. While Cammy's scanner indicates that the energy is harmless, she fears that the light may be dangerous, as well as how it will affect the world. However, Chun-Li reassures her partner that they are just fine, even as they are standing next to the box. She also promises that they will find a way to fix those who have been affected by the light, which gave Cammy confidence.

Cammy, along with Chun-Li, makes an appearance in the cinematic episode of the second trailer for the Vita of Street Fighter x Tekken. While recovering after Balrog uppercuts him out of the overturned vehicle, a car door behind an unsuspecting Lei opens and inadvertently hits him in the back of the head.

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Cammy appears out of the vehicle and coldly apologies. Chun-Li also saves Christie from Vega. Apparently, she had warned Lei that Shadaloo was coming for them, even though Lei knew it that her "love letter" made it obvious. Chun-Li claims that the Mishima Zaibatsu aren't the only ones trying to get their hands on the Pandora Box.

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The four of them drop in their stance, ready to take on the Shadaloo generals. Outnumbered, Vega and Balrog retreat.

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Cammy, Ryu, M. Cammy, Chun-Li, Ryu, M. Cammy is an optional leader for Forestcraft decks. Cammy is a playable character in this game. As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Cammy is among the warriors who are sucked into the Grid, pitted against those from the Power Rangers multiverse. In the live-action film, Cammy is one of the members of Colonel William F.

Guile's Allied Nations strike force to take down Shadaloo. Cammy's rank is Sergeant. Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue played Cammy and reprised her role in the movie based games.

She is then subdued by bodyguards and taken in for questioning by Interpol. She is later shown on a Shadaloo surveillance video being interrogated by Chun-Li. By now, her brainwashing has worn off and she does not remember anything about the assassination.

Bison later sends Sagat to kill both Cammy and Vegabut Cammy's fate is left unrevealed. Cammy also makes an appearance in Street Fighter II Vagain with an American accent but this time as a more honorable freelance assassin rather than a Shadaloo minion.

She is hired by Interpol agent Balrog actually a spy for Bison to assassinate Inspector Dorai Chun-Li's father for destroying the Ashura syndicate, a branch of Shadaloo. She is unaware that Balrog is working with Shadaloo and instead believes the Chief of Interpol, Barrack, has ordered the hit upon realizing Dorai is supposedly with Shadaloo.

Cammy hangs Dorai from his balcony in Barcelona but fails to kill him and he is hospitalized. Cammy is later informed and goes to the hospital to finish the job, but is intercepted by Fei-LongDorai's star pupil.

Cammy and Fei-Long fight brutally and appear to be even until Fei-Long blurts out his intention to make both her and Shadaloo pay for their crimes. Realizing that she has been set up, Cammy enlists Fei-Long and Barrack's help in exposing Balrog and makes sure to beat Balrog severely before leaving him for the authorities.

Following this, she flees the scene, vowing to fight Shadaloo her own way. After the fall of Bison and Shadaloo, Cammy enjoys relative peace. However, while investigating strange energy readings coming from the Amazon River basin, she discovers dead animals everywhere and the shallow graves of various martial artists who have recently disappeared from around the world.

The forensic analysis determines that the cells inside the animals were heated to the boiling point, at which point they exploded. She calls Guile to share the information as he and Chun-Li began investigating the disappearances. Together, the three find and expose a lab that had been experimenting on further kidnapped martial artists.

They discover from the lab's data that the experiments were authorized by an arms manufacturer called S. They also discover that Ryuwhose ki potential is incomparable, was the prime target for the project.

When they finally locate Ryu, Cammy rushes to warn him of the danger but fails to reach him before Crimson Viperwho at the time is believed to be a S.

Cammy arrives soon afterward. She warns Ryu not to use his power, as it might enable S. Cammy then confronts Viper instead. However, Viper surprises her with the abilities of her Battle Suit. Cammy attacks Viper, despite Ryu's warning. Viper easily catches Cammy's kick and delivered a devastating punch to her midsection, knocking the air out of her. After giving a kick to her face, Viper hoists Cammy up, places a hand on her chest and electrocutes her. Cammy falls to the ground, in a lot of pain.

Viper brutally tortures her by stepping on her head in an attempt to force Ryu to unleash the Satsui no Hado. After finishing Cammy off with a Burning kick and knocking her unconscious, Viper succeeds. However, the power surge destroys the monitoring equipment, and she was forced to flee. Cammy is evacuated for treatment and later appears wearing an arm sling. Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy discuss the event at the docks, discovering that the case was covered up.

Despite the evidence they've collected, Cammy is dismayed that they're right back where they started; and that they are treated as the enemy instead of the actual threat. Cammy makes a cameo appearance in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph. In the first trailer of the film, Cammy can be seen for a brief second at Game Central Station in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Later in the actual film as the bad guys head off to Game Central Station, Cammy can be seen chatting with Chun-Li for a couple of seconds as they pass by the villains.

Her outfit is nearly identical to her trademark Delta Red attire, except that instead of her usual barelegged appearance with green streaks, she's wearing light green tights. This change was made, most likely to make her outfit more modest, and thus, more appropriate, for a family-friendly setting.

In the tavern stage, Cammy is seen sitting on one of the bar stools near the waiter Dee Jay, bouncing on her posterior while the battle is going on. In another stage, a more child-like Cammy appears looking in the window of a store alongside an older looking M.

Cammy is seen in the South America underground conducted by Shadalooin which she fights Dan Hibiki. Being viewed from a monitor, Vega reveals that she is the result of genetic manipulation and that she is superior to most fighters in every way despite her young age. Vega orders Cammy to slay Dan after the latter was weakened, but the fight is interrupted by Sodom as the arena had rules to support multiple fighters joining any battle.

After throwing Dan out of the arena, Sodom engages Cammy, easily overpowering her. During the fight, he causes injuries to her that free her from Shadaloo's control and trigger her sense of pain. Having recently defected from Shadaloo, she fights against Genwho was hired to kill her. Chun-Liwho was nearby with Sakura and Dan, decided to bring Gen into custody. However, Gen was able to quickly incapacitate her, Sakura then steps up to fight Gen. Near the end of their fight, Gen is close to finishing the battle for good, but stops just one moment early, by a cherry tree leaf.

Cammy asked why he spared Sakura's life when he was never hesitant to kill anybody before, Gen, having found the "light", replied that he no longer held the desire to kill. Sakura woke up twelve hours later, in the hospital, with Dan, Chun-Li, and Cammy watching over her. Having discovered a lead to Ryu 's location in Russia, the group find the national hero Zangief in a cage wrestling match inside a steel mill where he has just defeated Blankaand subsequently knocks out Dan, who jumped into the ring to avenge his friend, with one blow.

Zangief recognizes Cammy, as he had trained her while she was in Shadaloo and remembering how it had played him for a fool, he decides to take out his frustrations on her.

Even though she is ready to throw the match if it means restoring Zangief's honor, Sakura enters the ring for a tag match, unwilling to let Cammy get pummeled to death. Zangief accepts to take on both of them, and Sakura's drive to fight to the finish eventually gets to Cammy, and the fight ends in a stalemate. Chun-Li and Cammy decide to part ways with the group there in order to resume investigation on Shadaloo, leaving Dan and Sakura to head for Thailand by themselves.

Before they leave, Cammy asks Sakura to keep calling her by this name, even if she manages to remember her real name. His identity is revealed to be Alex Lewis, a hacker for a terrorist organization. Cammy infiltrates the hideout and takes the guards out with ease. Alex watches her from a monitor and compliments her skills in fighting. After the deal with the trade for his client is denied, Alex knocks him out cold with a kick as Cammy comes in.

She acknowledges his skill but is caught off guard when he rushes and attacks her. Alex gives a brief speech of how Cammy acts and what she does and thinks her popularity is overrated. Killer Bee first appears sixty days after Gouken 's assassination and Charlie Nash 's capture. She receives orders from Shadaloo Central Headquarters to locate Ryuwho she tracks down to a restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco, and continues to follow him and report to M.

That same night, she tracks Ryu, Ken and Eliza to Ken's house, and continues to observe, listening to their conversation and realizing her target was about to leave the country. A flashback from six months prior to that time, Killer Bee is revealed to have been sent to Hong Kong to capture an agent of Interpol that had infiltrated in Shadaloo, Dorai.

He is swiftly apprehended by Shadaloo agents as Cammy fight his daughter Chun-Libefore escaping herself. In her next scene, Killer Bee has been captured by Rosewho had sensed in her "the potential to be human". Using her powers, she "killed" the codenamed agent Killer Bee, thus freeing her and providing her with the name "Cammy". She appears in a flashback of Charlie, who tells Chun-Li how her father was set to fight Shadaloo's 13 Dollsonly to be killed by Killer Bee. In yet another flashback, from about a year before her capture by Rose, Killer Bee is shown fighting Vega as Bison's last test of her abilities and manages to knock him down in a moment of distraction.

Later in the flashback, she is seen in a restricted area, undergoing Shadaloo's Memory Algorithm Delete Program. Back to the present day, Cammy wakes up on a bench in front of the British Embassy in Rome, Italy, with a note reading: "Welcome to your new life, Cammy.

Do not waste it. Already part of Delta Re she is shown in a mission in the border between Germany and France, where the team struggles to escort a British cabinet minister from Berlin to home. During the mission, Cammy figures something was off when a wagon from the train they were in is disengaged, and walks into a secret Shadaloo operation, capturing agent Satsuki. On the occasion, she walked right into a terrorist attack and was forced to fight.

By the time Delta Red arrived at the location, Cammy had handled the 30 terrorists mentioned to be in the area and was quickly enlisted in Delta Red's training. Later on, she woke up from a nightmare involving her past as assassin and the genetic experiments from which Killer Bee was born. She called Colonel Wolfman immediately, informing him of her dream, and remarking that she never had one before.

Upon interrogating Satsuki by herself, she was saluted as "Commanding Doll Officer Killer Bee", and pretended to be undercover so as to win her trust. She is given highlights of a past mission, in which she had assassinated Professor Rodmovic's team for the designs of an experimental weapon, of which the technology was being used to recuperate Bison's health, after his fight with Charlie in Japan. In a reunion in MI-6, she reports everything she learned from Satsuki, while George Ginzu gathered intelligence of Shadaloo's actions, figuring out that almost all of the organization's major cells were focusing operations in Brazil.

With the help of Shadaloo agents, Satsuki escapes her cell and, later, the building, saluting Cammy for the last time while being lifted off by a helicopter. Bison in an effort to rule the world. In the second issue, Cammy is matched against M. She vows to put a stop to whatever he's scheming, as well as bring him to justice, all before the eight finals are over. When Zartan revealed himself after defeating her, Cammy is appalled that this tournament has no rules.

Guile deduced that someone wanted Zartan to win the match. Cammy promises to defeat M. Bison after what he did to her. Before her match, Chun-Li warns Cammy that M. Bison is big and strong, so she has to get inside to do any damage. Guile also mentions that she needs to be faster than him to stand a chance. However, Cammy states that she will get her hands on M.

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Bison and make him pay in his own blood. Bison stands from his thrown and punch it to reveal a Psycho Drive. As the Dolls attach the device to his back, Bison declares that this Psycho Drive is fueled by the other combatants and keyed to his specific biosignature, designed by Destro and M. S Industries. At the start of the fight, Cammy is able to hold her. She hits Bison with her Quick Spin Knuckle and a Neck Twist, furious at how he kidnapped, brainwashed and enslaved her. He states that since he has all of this power at his disposal, he is going to 'destroy' Cammy, rather than just beat her.

Bison grabs Cammy's head, lifts her up and throws her down to the ground.

73, cammy white FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Apr 30,   This Commando Cammy (C6) mod for Street Fighter V replaces her CPT Costume. Big thanks to BrutalAce for allowing me to make a spinoff from his original Nude Cammy mod! C6 DOWNLOAD (MM): https.

Before Cammy can recover, she is hit with Bison's Head Press, right on top of her face. He then grabs her by the head again with both hands, belittling Cammy for talking down to him.

He finishes her off by driving the same fist straight into the opponent's stomach, similar to his Psycho Punisher. But sadly, he is far from done with Cammy. Guile, Chun-Li, and the others watch helplessly as Bison continues to beat down Cammy with punches to her face, kicks to her legs and knees to her back and chin.

Destro finally stops Bison after he is short of killing Cammy, stating that he already has won. As Bison holds the unconscious Cammy up by her hair, he laughs that it is never enough. Cammy is a quick, impressive, close-range fighter.

She lacks any projectile or long-reaching attacks and therefore hurls herself at the enemy relying on speed and priority.

Due to her Frame Data her quick starting attacks can usually get Counter Hits. Priority such as this makes her one of the easiest characters to use in Capcom vs. SNK 2. Her original incarnation in Super Street Fighter II had trouble evading projectile attacks, so later incarnations involved reworked and additional special moves to evade fireballs with ease. While some attacks are swift punches, her main moves utilize many kicks for mid-range normals and specials like Spiral Arrow.

She also has several throws to break through her opponent's defenses. One of her trademark grabs is the Frankensteinerwhich showcases her physical strength. Cammy's overall style revolves around doing sudden and rapid sweeping attacks. Her move set allows the player to attack from almost any given range, and with great agility as a benefit. Her combo ability rivals that of Akumaand can easily be on the toes of the opponent throughout the battle.

However, her moves are a bit awkward to execute and can make her vulnerable if blocked accordingly since her moves can put the player right in front of the opponent for an easy counterattack. Due to her fast offense, she is able to apply solid wake-up pressure and vortex mix-ups.

Overall, Cammy is a very versatile character with a great offensive game that consists of strong normals, and practical attacks that allows her to maintain pressure or to help her escape from being cornered. Cammy fights in England in her first appearance, but her voice actresses in the games always have either American or Japanese accents. She is voiced in the Marvel vs. Capcom series by Susan Hart not to be confused with the adult film actress of the same name.

Cammy appears as one of the heroes in the movie Street Fighter. She is portrayed by the famous Australian musician Kylie Minogue. In the movie, Cammy is a British intelligence agent that is serving as Colonel Guile's intel officer and right-hand woman in the Allied Nations Army.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Let me remodel your face one more time. Beginning mission! Ninmu kaishi! I will fight you! Contents [ show ]. Cammy's SFV Costumes. Lei and Christie with Cammy and Chun-Li.

Viper vs Cammy - in Street Fighter 4 Animated Movie

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