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You have buck naked ladies consider, that you

Seinfeld 057 / Bucknaked

For those looking for the fast and simple answer to use for a paper or other written work, here it is:. However, both terms are regularly used, and given the frequency of use of butt naked in recent times, an argument can be made that there is nothing wrong with using it either. It may still be in the slang category, but it is slang that is used by a lot of people. Go with buck naked if you need to get a good grade on something that is going to be read by some spectacles-wearing old professor somewhere, or if you want the longer tradition on your side. The point of language is to convey meaning, and either will get your point across. The OED does not have any listing for either term, which I confess was a surprise, because they do have some hyphenated buck-something type terms in there, and I have seen buck-naked written as a hyphenated word rather than a phrase. So, I was left to my own devices.

By the time I was done, it was either humor or suicide. And I know, those rabbits killed me. I realize it gives away the true nature of my immaturity, but, well, I can live with that. For what it's worth, and contrary to what I wrote in my most recent hub, I think including works cited helps with spiders as much as it does for credibility and fair use, etc. When you said, "If you have to write a paper that will be read by a spectacles-wearing professor I couldn't stop laughing.

Then you said you used google, and I imagined what came out of your searches and I blushed a little. Now I'm blushing again. How much of those google searches was actually relevant? Then you jumped from savages to mating rabbits and "Sex is done naked," and I laughed some more.

This was truly an awesome blend of humor, education I will never say "butt naked" again! I loved the Sacramento state search results comparisons. The story about Max Collins was a hoot.

And kudos for posting your works cited!

Buck naked ladies

You are a devoted writer, my friend. Hah, I should write one on Stark or Stork.

phrase simply matchless

How fun would the drawing be for Stork naked? And I'm not sure what buck sexual attractants are, but I do hope they pay for the adwords or however all that works and put themselves on here.

I love when ads appear that add to the joke. THat is one of the unanticipated joys of writing silliness in a commerical forum. I'm surprised you haven't selected any 'buck sexual attractants' for your affiliate ads. Your followers are looking forward to your upcoming hub on the debate between Stark Naked and Stork Naked.

Good work. Well, there's lots of time to work Aristotle in, Mysterylady. No rush. I'll expect it like Inspector Clouseau expects an attack from Kato. Being a teacher - of English, among other things - i loved your correction of the person who tried to criticize your knowledge of grammar. As always with you, I found this to be a wonderfully entertaining hub.

I wish I could somehow bring Aristotle into my comment. We still have to do battle on that! Thank, William, that is an awesome compliment. To be truthful, I run that line simply because I would have to fall on my pen if I had to be serious the whole time. I just don't have the attention span for hard core seriousness. I am still shaking off immaturity this far into my adulthood. My wife says it may be hopeless at this point and we've resigned ourselves to a life of philosophy and bathroom humor.

Hiya Habee, nice to see you. I noticed you had hit fans even yesterday, that's very cool, so grats on that! And I try really hard not to do stuff like correcting people, but you're right, it's pretty hard not to notice things, especially in writing. Spoken word is totally different although I have some issues there too lol Thanks for reading and commenting.

This is awesome! I totally relate to the English-major thing. Sometimes it's a curse!

right! good

Have you ever corrected a love letter? Nicely done, Shadesbreath. Making etymology interesting takes a lot of talent, and so does riding the line between a scholarly treatise and a "fun read" which I hope you don't dissect etymologically in your next hub. Hi Katiem2: You are certainly right, the real importance is on the naked part, the rest is superflous.

I took some heat from a comment earlier on regarding my calling "buck" an adverb, but your point makes mine for me. Buck or Butt are indeed unnecessary modifier to what really maters Hi Mighty Mom.

Buck Naked Hank Williams

Yes, I'm not here to defend Brad Pitt's character, and I can't say as I blame you for poo-pooing my use of him as a source. I did attenuate his importance though, relegating him as little more than well defined meat standing nebulously in support of my point.

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I was hoping to bring the simple-minded into my camp with that one, which may still work out, but yes, you caught me. I stand by the decision rhetorically, and just grin and raise my beer at you and your you-ness.

Great to see you popping in again. It really, really is. It's like some of the things that matter in the universe are still at work. A most interesting and informative read - up until the quote from Brad Pitt.

Just read what he has to say about his marriage and baby-making plans with poor, innocent, soon-to-be-cuckolded Jennifer Aniston. You don't even have to read People or US Magazine regularly to know hhe may be naked, but he's hiding something in the case of Troy, that would be any acting talent he may have displayed prior to or after I prefer to give power to one word and say it with emphasis "NAKED" the word is so beautiful way add anything at all to it Imagine is there more to say about being naked?

Great read, loved it! Thanks Gerg. In some circles, they call me "anal retentive. I'd argue, but they're probably right. But, why not. I'm with you on that last part, now it can be one less imponderable to tax my brain too. Wow - when you decide to take on a subject, there is little doubt you are the definitive source No,no, no, not just ANY "someone".

Nellieanna: Thanks once more for your kind words and for reading my long-windedness. I did end up doing more research than I expected when I started, but, well, that's how it goes for us anal-retentive types. As for the adjective thing, hah-ha! I love a grammar challenge. Buck is an adverb because it is modifying an adjective. Adjectives modify nouns; adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

So, examine the sentence: A buck naked man walked past our window.

Nude Mature Pics

The subject noun is "man. He is buck naked as opposed to stark naked or hardly naked, etc. I am open to your rebuttal on this, but I am reasonably confident on this, so I'm interested to see what you think. De Greek, I think your suggestion to let Goldman Sachs finance it is a grand idea, and I happen to have an in with a fellow that works in their aquarium department tending the vampire squids.

I will call him and see if he can hook us up, perhaps making a vote unnecessary. I would also like to say I just chuckled at seeing Christoph's name in the same sentence with "illiterate populace" and "mundane. I'll be calling the squid keeper right off, good thinking. Always nice to have someone keeping their minds on the day to day things as we dreamers tend to drift off.

interesting question

Naturally, I shall bow to your superior knowledge with regards to tutus. Let it not be said that the De Greeks are bullies, as implied by Christoph Reilley elsewhere. Pink it is then. Now as the older, wiser and handsomer man here, may I just point out the cost involved in this venture. As much as one would like to educate the illiterate populace and here I again refer to Christoph Reilley as a case in pointone MUST consider the mundane, such as base coin.

I therefore propose to this meeting that a vote be taken to invite a company renowned for its Christian business ethics and its desire to contribute to world education, to subsidise the venture.

As you must have gathered already only one company can be on top of such a list, and that of course is Goldman Sachs. Mr Chairman, I ask that you put the matter before the rest of the inmates for voting purposes.

Either way, it's an adjective, rather than an adverb. I'm awed by the article. You've researched as though it were a study of grand proportions, and with every nicety generously and perfectly accomplished! As mentioned, to be able to proceed to elaborate and keep interest going is extraordinary!

But I'd expect nothing less from you!! I just love to read your works! Never anything but fantastic.

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Yes, me and the other two do stuff like this all the time. The rest of Sacramento drives to Tracy for the barbecued squirrel parties. I enjoy bucking far more often than once a moneth, I must admit. And say, you've done a superior job of utilizing your education, Shadesbreath!

So this is what scholarly Sacramentans do on rainy days, huh? I drove through your town only yesterday on my way to Tracy-where they definitely say "Butt Naked. Hi again, Pam. On the lazy thing, I suppose if I told you I should be working on my novel not these silly hubs of mine, you would purse your lips and raise your eyebrows in that knowing sort of "ah hah" sort of things, nodding slightly and realizing how sloth seeps in.

As for the rest, well, Thanks. Hi Zsuszy Bee, and thanks! I'm glad you laughed. I seriously wondered coming through this thing if it would work or be a heinous long-winded train wreck. I suspect there will be some opinions that think so, lol, but, well, I'll deal sarcastically with them and pretend I am shocked!

De Greek!!! That's an awesome idea. I think we should unveil it formally like a corporate announcement. All this slang slowly seeping into language thing is annoying in its glacier crawling into popular use.

Let's rent a big studio, bring in some high end producers, get a big ass hart and a cute pink tutu I prefer pink, don't you? It looks so nice and it has a traditional yet vibrant feel that white just doesn't do. Sky blue just irks me. Maybe get some dancing gang bangers to be in the back ground with switch blades, and they can step forward during the chorous and yell, "I'll cut you" in musical threat to anyone who tries NOT to use our new term.

What do you think? A new grammar commercial to make Apple jealous!!!! Apropos to nothing and just my two cents worth to show that I am paying attention: Why not Hart naked? With all the introductory reference to horned deer and goats, why is it that the most ancient terminology, that of the Hart, has not left its mark?

A male red deer traditionally hunted under certain specific conditions, one of them being its age five years and another its antlers again age related and one which would fight back if cornered, therefore admired for its maleness in its willingness to die fighting.

Plus it has the distinct advantage of being referred to by Shakespeare? Definitely going around naked, as there are no reliable reports of its wearing a tutu. Shall we not try to introduce the new term Hart Naked to an expectant world, holding its breath for new language innovation? Shadesbreath the Funny, strikes again. Only you would come up with a hilarious hub on wordings that most people really do not give a hoot about.

The really amazing thing that I didn't mention last night probably because you already know this! Well, Randy, I thought I "knew" too, until I did the Google search and found so much crap defending the worst examples of research. I don't even care where the grammar goes, my problem is with the people trying to pretend they have a leg to stand on with the arguments they make.

And you're right, there's "right" and there's "cute" or slang. It's the people trying to say there is no difference that irks my sense of order in the grammatical universe. As for the pulling of ads I can only hope the algorithms they use recognize key word density, word count, link quality. We shall see. I'm sure I'll have a cow on the forums if all this work gets wasted because spiders are stupid and can't tell the difference between a smut pictoral and a research piece.

scandal! good idea

I can not believe you put this much work into this It is buck if you want to be correct and it is butt if you're trying to sound cute. Problem being, so many people tried to be cute, it no longer is. Let me know when and if they pull your ads.

I'd like to know if butt is o. Not that I can switch out butt for ass, as it does not rhyme with sass, but I'd still like to know for future writing I might do. Sup, Reilly. I have to say, you have pointed out one of those delightfully nuanced, real life things that only a man with your perspicacity spots. This is why you are, above most, a true artist. We do, in fact, look at a naked chick's ass when we see it, rendering her condition, by definition, "butt" naked.

Yet, when seeing a naked man, a truly disgusting sight that no one wants to see, "buck" naked gives us the sexual distance we need to talk about it. And, I thought we had a deal about, our little, well, agreement regarding my identity?

Don't think that's not coming out of your cut.

consider, that

Pam: 1 It's great to see you! I am pretty sure this is going to end up being a scanned hub, which is too bad because I tried to make it funny while dealing with the issue I had on this front. It's too unimportant for anyone to have done any real research, and too big and recent for there to be solid evidence anyway I wish I had a Ph. So, instead I write anonymously, thus rendering all my work meaningless, to flout what I preach.

I have to say this is the most amazing hub I've ever read. The depth!! My expectations were surpassed. I wasn't expecting to laugh and be educated at the same time, but I was. I'm pretty sure this qualifies as one of those fancy doctoral thesis thingies.

not agree apologise

We'll be able to call you Dr. Shadesbreath or Dr. Buck Naked or whatever you wish. I can only agree, but enjoy the slang "butt naked" a little more perhaps. I've always used it with this guide: When a man sees another man naked, streaking, e. What I want to know is why the laundry video is "In loving memory of the laundry room girl? Now there's a hub.

I had to laugh at your "I am familiar with porn. If everyone only knew that you are actually Ron Jeremy! I wasn't supposed to tell that, was I? Haha, I know, this was supposed to be a little two hour hub while I waited for my wife to get ready for our road trip.

I think it's up around words. If I'd known it was this big a project, I would never have started. But, I did, and, well, that anal-retentive thing kicked in and, well, two days later And yes, I agree that, technically, you can make a pretty good argument that "buck" naked is redundant these days.

SImilarly, so is "stark" naked as I saw it somewhere early on poking around the easy to find conversations on this. How many words is this hub? I have to go back to my Texas childhood to even hear the phrase buck naked. Butt naked would be redundant. See, you're like Brad Pitt then.

If you look good that way, you get to pick how you want to be described. Me, well, it's more of a train wreck back there, so I have to rely on English precedents and stuff to defend myself.

A few less beers and a trip to the gym would have saved me doing all the work for this hub sigh. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Which Is Correct: Buck Naked or Butt Naked?

As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Shadesbreath more. For those looking for the fast and simple answer to use for a paper or other written work, here it is: Buck naked is correct.

Sex is done naked. Speaking of naked leaps An association with clothing, or the lack thereof, can also be made directly. The lye in which it steeped relating to the first definition. To lay the buck : to steep in lye. To drive the buck : to carry through the process of bucking. She gets a buck for being buck naked. Hmmm, coincidence? The Research - Academic and Peer Reviewed Search On searching the two different terms, I found twenty-two entries for buck naked and I found seven for butt naked.

opinion obvious

In a Rolling Stone Magazine article, the lead singer for Eve 6, Max Collins was reported as having had a bit too much to drink by journalist Austin Scaggs, who wrote: Collins went straight for the hard stuff after the band's May 26th show in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania - drinking shots of Courvoisier and Grand Marnier. Next is a People magazine article covering Brad Pitt and talking about his upcoming movie Troythey write: After a two-year break from moviemaking, Pitt is returning to the spotlight and talking about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston it's goo their baby plans "It's time, it's time"the joys of wearing a skirt in the movies "They're not bad" and how he whipped his much-gawked-about body into shape for his Troy nude scene.

Adkins Now I admit, that example is almost cheating on my part, because the quote is actually Brad Pitt talking, and not the mainstream journalist. Below are the first three links that came up via my search:. Simply, Councilman Charles Barron was infuriated by the decision to show that image by the paper, and he spoke out in an interview, in which he is quoted thus: The New York Post is a disgusting rag.

Arinde This quote is given, first out loud, not written, and secondly, this is an address meant to appeal on a human level, not an academic one. Below are the remainder of the seven butt naked resources that came up:.

Conclusion The term butt naked appears to be mainly a slang term as of now, but one that is gaining popularity.

Works Cited Adkins, Greg, et al. SO Buck naked could mean no clothes and wearing a barrel. Yogi Berra or Norm Crosby was probably the first one to say butt. Here comes the Puba and you know we don't fake it Usually bust records on gettin' butt naked What Goes Around. Those deer and their persistent commitment to nudity! I think the first phrase in your title is certainly the authentic one.

I enjoyed reading. I know they have hair, but fur is funnier :P. Hello Shadesbreath What can I say? Well done, Shadesbreath See ya around. Shade, When you said, "If you have to write a paper that will be read by a spectacles-wearing professor Mounds or Hillocks That's what I keep telling everyone.

I just need more people to listen! Genius as always, I'm so glad I found this hub Shades, you are always the best :. But other than that dubious source, a fine, fine treatise, indeed, sir.

Aug 13,   This is a research based examination seeking the correct form or use between the contested terms "buck naked" and "butt naked." Research from the OED, academic debate, and a general academic search. Reasonable arguments and even some humor peppered in.

Well done! Appreciate the comment. I loved the works, as always a super hub kindest regards Zsuzsy. You made me laugh again! This much work does not represent a person who is lazy! The profundity of your observation is, uh, profund! Sign In Join.

consider, that you

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This was the first tape recorded with bassist Jim Creeggan and percussionist Andy Creegganwhose additions expanded the Barenaked Ladies to a quartet. About 2, tapes were produced but were mastered incorrectly, with the songs playing too fast. Mitch Potter of Toronto Star wrote that Barenaked Lunchalong with the band's first tape Buck Nake "overflow with boyish charm, brisk wit and clean, melodic harmonies worthy in and of themselves.

A December Toronto Star article remarked that twelve months earlier, Barenaked Ladies "were virtual unknowns.

sorry, that

Today, they're one of Canada's most popular acts. Think how far they would have gone with songs like 'Be My Yoko Ono' if this indie cassette EP had been a real album, with big-money marketing behind it. All tracks are written by Steven Page and Ed Robertson.

Barenaked Recess is the Barenaked Ladies ' third indie tape. Unlike the others, however, this tape was never released for unknown reasons. Allegedly less than six copies were made.

A rumour among fans alleges that Ed Robertson kept the tapes under his bed, although it was never proven nor debunked. The torrent containing the tape contains "Blame it on Me", which is identical to the recording from Barenaked Lunch a. The Pink Tape. This, along with owners of the original tape claiming it is not on their copy, reveals that "Blame it on Me" was probably added in on a second generation copy. The artwork of this tape has never been revealed. The Yellow Tape is the Barenaked Ladies ' fourth indie tape release.

It was the band's first release to feature drummer Tyler Stewart. It was originally recorded as a demo for the band's performance at South by Southwest. The UK release dropped the track "Fight the Power". Early copies of the tape include an error in the J-card notes: drummer Tyler Stewart 's name is misspelled as "Steward. Inthe band's Shoe Box E. Variety Recordings: Barenaked Ladies is the Barenaked Ladies fifth indie release, issued only to Canadian radio stations.

The cover art utilized tan paper with purple ink and a close-up of Steven Page 's legs.

similar situation. ready

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Buck Naked. Barenaked Ladies. See also: Barenaked Ladies EP. New York: Dorling Kindersley. New York: Touchstone Books. Toronto Star.

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