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Adventure Time Fan Comics Episode 3 Bad Little Boy, Good Little Girl

Written by James Ferguson. Sarah is alone in her house as her husband Damen is off on a business trip. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be so bad, but there are some strange things going on that are starting to freak her out, and for good reason. At first, she thinks it's her creepy brother-in-law Al messing with her. That was before she heard the creepy laughter in the middle of the night Little Girl drops you right into the drama of Sarah's life. Damen is cheating on her while he's away, which would be bad enough on its own.

That was before she heard the creepy laughter in the middle of the night Little Girl drops you right into the drama of Sarah's life. Damen is cheating on her while he's away, which would be bad enough on its own.

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I can't imagine what the fallout will be if and when she finds that out, as she's already stressed out of her mind by the end of this first issue. Writer Pat Shand paces this comic perfectly.

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You get hit with the hook of the cheating spouse early and then things escalate with the first of many chilling scares. At first it works like a home invasion story with a beautiful shot of Sarah sleeping alone in her bed with a person's shadow hanging over it from the cool moonlight.

Then it gets creepier as the sheets start to move as if someone is crawling into the bed. Artist Olivia Pelaez does a phenomenal job here, taking the scares from zero to 11 in a moment's notice.

In reality, this is such a simple element. We're seeing a sheet move.

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That doesn't sound all that scary, but that has powered the entire Paranormal Activity franchise for years. There's something absolutely terrifying about things moving when they're not supposed to, especially in the comfort of your own home.

Sarah is sleeping soundly in her bed. We're taught at an early age that this is a safe place.

No matter how different women are, there are some things that they all have in common. That's why they can understand each other's difficulties and know exactly what to say to lift one another's mood. Illustrator Akshara Ashok tries to lift every girl's mood through her very relatable work and make all of us feel that we are not alone in whatever struggle we are facing. Her work makes. (Click Ads below to help me, thanks.) (Click Ads below to help me, thanks.). Jul 20,   Horror DNA review of Little Girl #1. Published by Devil's Due Entertainment, the comic is written by Pat Shand and illustrated by Olivia Pelaez, with colors by Fran Gamboa with J.C. Ruiz and letters by Jim Campbell. Review written by James Ferguson.5/5.

The monsters can't get you if you're under the covers, so what do you do when the monster creeps right into your bed? This is just the beginning, as Sarah's life quickly gets more unsettling. We don't know the reasoning behind this just yet and that's totally fine. Little Girl 1 pulls you in with this frightening haunted house story.

Comix little girl

Why buy a Superman comic when you can get a showgirl one instead? It begins with Teena disavowing all males, only to have her crush elbow-check her in the hallway. Her brush with the popular boy rekindles her passion for the opposite sex.

Your standard romance comic - tales of love, then love-lost, then love found again, etc. In the comic below, Lucy sabotages another actress by posing as a maid.

Sin City "Daddy?s Little Girl" by Frank Miller MOTION COMIC

People in the s loved their wacky hi-jinx. Junie Prom is the school knockout who all the boys like. Easily the worst of all these girl comics.

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Here, Lollie and Junie get into a bit of a cat fight. Check out the exceptionally bad art.

You Go, Girls! 7 Kick-Butt Comics for 7-Year-Old Girls

There were actually several artists who contributed to Junie comics, some worse than others, but all of them dreadful. These comics actually began in under the title Hedy de Vine. The titular character is a spoiled actress who you guessed it has battles against another rival actress.

Hilarity ensues.

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Whether it was Betty and Veronica, or Hedy and Sandra, you always had to give your main girl a rival. Cindy may look like your typical run-of-the-mill girl comic - and it does contain all the usual tropes: an rival girl Sandy and a boy who they constantly war for affection.

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But in Cindy comics, the two gals really get into it. Often physically harming each other - with Sandy sometimes nearly winding up dead! In this story, the two girls, Cindy and Sandy, go fishing with their dreamboat Chuck.

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As always, things get deadly. Cindy wins in the end as always.

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Cindy and Chuck leave her out there presumably to die? And the physical battles keep coming.

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With each showdown over Chuck getting more and more murderous. Well, we could look at ten more and only be scratching the surface of mid-century girl comics.

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So, we may as well stop here. Until next time!

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