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The majority of people would have agreed with that statement as it entails the responsibility of raising a child into a proper and fine being. Hence, choosing a name befitting for your baby boy or baby girl is another hard task for both new and expectant parents alike would undergo. There are so many options, one is to choose among classic baby names , another is to search for a more trendy name, maybe just pass on your family name, or just pick one from the most popular ones? Keep calm, its not that hard. Time is running out and a baby will be born in a matter of days or weeks. You would not want others to make fun of your child for a poor name of choice, would you?

Mar 27,   Looking for a classic name for a baby girl? Historical data from the Social Security Administration is the place to get inspired. The agency has collected the most popular baby names for more than Home Country: US.

It is thought that people with this name will be creative and drawn to the arts. Loretta - In Spanish the name Loretta means family, but in America its meaning is pure. In some languages, such as Latin, it refers to the laurel tree which represents honor and victory. Lucinda - In English, the meaning of Lucinda is light.

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In Italian, it means graceful light or illumination. People with this name are often leaders, not followers.

Classic girl name

Magnolia - Magnolia means flower. It is thought that people named Magnolia are tenderhearted romantics and have a desire to serve humanity.

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Melanie - The most common meaning for Melanie is dark, though it is believed that people with this name are energetic, optimistic, and intelligent. People named Rose are said to be creative and like to be in the limelight. Savannah - Savannah means from the open plains but, of course, can also be a salute to that beautiful city.

Classic Baby Girl Names

Women with this name are competent and powerful. They often have successful careers in business. Scarlett - Scarlett, the heroine of Gone With The Wind and my personal favourite if I'm going to pick a southern girl name, means red, or to wear or sell red cloth.

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Susannah - Graceful lily is the meaning of the name Susannah, probably named after the white lilies that grew in the Biblical Persian city of Susa. Women named Susannah often grow up to be teachers or philosophers and are often a bit of an introvert. Tallulah - Tallulah is an American Indian name that means running water. People named Tallulah often travel at their own pace and harbor a desire to for balance and harmony in their lives.

Aug 09,   These old fashioned girl names are the best way to channel an era past when naming your daughter. If you know in your heart that your little girl is destined to be an old soul, read through this list of old-fashioned girl names now. Classic baby girl and baby boy names are those that have been around for years, but are still popular today. If you are searching for a timeless name for your baby boy or baby girl, check out The Bump's extensive list of classic baby names. Classic girl names include several of the Top 10 names for girls in the English-speaking world: Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, and Sophia. Along with Sophia and Emma, other classic girl names in the US Top 50 include Amelia, Abigail, Elizabeth, Victoria, Grace, Hannah, Eleanor, and Claire. Quirkier classic names for girls include Priscilla, Theodora, Georgia, and Felicity.

Violet - Violet is another name that means flower, as are versions of such as Violetta or Viollette. Violets are often spiritualistic and intuitive.

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They crave love and companionship. Virginia - The meaning of Virginia is virgin or chaste. A girl named Virginia will often grow up to be powerful and competent.

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None of those southern girl names sound right for your little girl? Then check out some more southern baby girl names that might be just right for you daughter. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. Log In.

Since then, the name Alexandra has actually been declining. So, if you are looking for a classic but not overused name, this one might be for you. The name Caroline is soft and sweet. It might be the perfect sounding name to represent your timeless little girl.

According to Nameberry.

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It has been in the top baby girl names sinceand popular Carolines go all the way back to the s. So, if you are looking for a classic baby girl name with a hint of history and culture, Caroline might be perfect for your family. The name Charlotte just sounds like royalty to me.

But, this might be because it is often used in royal families. According to SheKnows.

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It can also refer to the Goddess of fire and poetry. The name Bridget was given to the most famous female saint of Ireland. Diana is also the name of the Roman Goddess known for being beautiful and chaste.

Classic Boy names: Oliver, Thomas, Edward, Jonathan, Phillip Classic Girl names: Emily, Amelia, Claire, Annabelle, Sarah Top Classic Baby Names. The SSA has released an official list of popular names for the year Classic names still dominate the rankings and the following names that will appear below made it to the top The ultimate A-Z list of Classic girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Classic baby girl names. Check it out! Classic baby names are not always popular names. These classic classic girl names are also unusual, hiding below the Top For a name to be cool and classic, it has to be both out-of-the-ordinary and used over centuries, and the + girls' names here qualify on both counts. Our list of uncommon classic girls' names includes gems like Echo, Delphine, and Sybil.

The name definitely goes back a long way and has stood the test of time. It sounds classic and elegant but also unique at the same time. Eloise provides a new and chic sound to a very timeless and classic name. It is often thought to be the perfect mix of class and sass for your little girl. Genevieve was also the name of a Medieval saint who was known for her rational thinking and courage.

Jane is a classic, sweet, and simple name that has been a favorite among parents for a long time.

Old-Fashioned Girl Names

Although Jane may seem old-fashioned, it never really went out of style and has remained timeless. It is often used as a middle name as well as a first name and flows almost perfectly with any name alongside it. Grace is a super pretty, classic baby girl name that is an English name with a Latin origin. The name Grace can mean simple elegance, refinement of movement, or in most religions, it means the free, unmerited favor of God.

Grace is currently ranked 21 on the popularity charts and has been a favorite for a long time. According to BabyNames.

Classic Baby Girl Names From the s

It also has Spanish and Italian origins that are variants of Elizabeth. Isabella has commonly been used in literature, and many royal queens have had the name Isabella as well. It is a virtue name that was popularized by the Puritans of the 17th Century. Many parents still choose this name because of religious conviction and because it means complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

This might explain why the name has stood the test of time. Despite its massive popularity, it is still a very adaptable name and is often found with different spellings.

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Although the name has taken on a more modern feel, it has clearly stood the test of time. Juliet may be one of my personal favorites when it comes to little girl names. It reminds me of Shakespeare and has a romantic and classical feel to it.

A Juliet would be a hopeless romantic, a princess, or even just a beautiful little girl. The name itself means rose or flower and is very representative of nature and femininity.

It is said to be one of the old-time, sweet-smelling flower names that have been around for generations. It was extremely popular from toand it still remains a common first and middle name today. Maria is by far one of the most well-known and classic baby girl names.

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