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Sign In. Edit The Great Outdoors Roman Craig John Candy Chet Ripley Stephanie Faracy Connie Ripley Annette Bening Kate Craig Chris Young Buck Ripley Ian Michael Giatti

Man in Crowd Bart the Bear Grandpa uncredited Jerry Maren Picnic Dad uncredited Barry Thompson Schmidt produced by Elena Spiotta Newirth Sean Daniel Scott Senechal Scott III Borgardt Allan Bromberg Jones Jeffrey Kaplan Darin Knight Moriana Gary D. Wilhoit David Williams Gehr Elmer Hui Dockstader Jeff Jensen Scott Mayhugh Mention III Viper is a CIA agent secretly trying to take down S.

After Cammy defeats Viper for standing in her way, Viper then appears in her Street Fighter IV ending, holding her at gunpoint trying to get the BLECE files, but Cammy deletes them, not wanting to hurt anyone, and then Viper flees disappointed that her mission failed. Cammy wins and wonders what is going on and goes to M. Bison, who explains that she's a clone of him with his DNA. When she defeats him, he is killed and his original body disappears.

When the Psycho Drive is blown up, she is near the explosion, but is saved by Vega; she doesn't know he saved her. He still shows interest in her in Street Fighter Vfollowing her around during her character story.

When Vega attacks her, Cammy fights back while protecting Juni. After defeating Vega, he falls back, but not before warning Cammy of the potential danger of the path she has chosen.

He follows them, still intrigued and obsessed with Cammy and her beauty. Noticing the unconscious Doll, he chuckles and claims that Decapre still has a role to play, despite considering her to be an 'ugly' Doll. He attacks and defeats Cammy while flattering over her beauty. During his fight against Juri, Cammy reawakens and quickly kicks Vega's mask off of his face, causing him to retreat.

Upon seeing Cammy coming to Decapre's defense, he leaves. Just when he's about to finish her off, Cammy is saved by Decapre. When the Shadaloo base blows up, he throws his mask into the explosion, possibly deciding to abandon her. Eventually, she faced M. Bison and she asked him what her purpose was in life, in which he tells Cammy that she was to serve him, he also realized that Cammy became much stronger during her journey.

Cammy wins her battle against M. Bison but is hit by a bolt of electric current and knocked down. Once again she is brainwashed to erase her memories of whatever discovery she made during her journey. Dhalsim used his spiritual powers to make her self-aware, and she realized that Shadaloo was controlling her.

Bison sent Vega to observe her. When Vega confronted her, he revealed to her that she was an "experiment" and was no longer needed. As revealed in his own storyline Vega started having doubts about killing Cammy, asking himself if he really only cared about worthy foes, and after a fight where he admitted having underestimated Cammy, he allowed her to go. Vega also threatened Cammy by revealing that Shadaloo's hit squads were coming for her. Cammy wondered why Shadaloo wanted to destroy her since she had never committed any altercations against them.

She later encountered Juli and Junitwo other Shadaloo Dolls, who lacked the benefit of self-awareness.

When Cammy confronted Bison, he told her that she was meant to become his next body, after his current physical manifestation was destroyed by his own Psycho Power. After Cammy managed to break the twelve Dolls free from Shadaloo's mind control, they confronted Bison together. He explained to Cammy that she was a clone of himself who possessed a small portion of his Psycho Power and that if he were to die, she would die as well.

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Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy got the Dolls out of the Shadaloo base and then fell unconscious, no longer a clone, but an independent human. Vega rescued her before the base was destroyed, not wanting to allow a beautiful human to die. He deposited her on the doorstep of the British paramilitary government organization Delta Red. Cammy awoke with amnesia, and Delta Red took her in.

While she could not remember her past, she retained nearly all the fighting capabilities that were implanted in her during her tenure with Shadaloo.

This made her a very valuable asset to the team. The second World Warrior tournament was announced and, discovering that Bison was part of it, Cammy felt a strange connection to him, and entered the tournament. She confronted Bison, who told her that she is a copy of him, that she killed for him, that he planted her in Delta Red but didn't count on her losing her memoriesand that he had no further use for her.

She later joined in the battle against Bison along with her allies when the tournament ended. After Bison was defeated, her Delta Red teammates told her that she didn't need to live in the past; she had a new life to live. Juri hospitalizes Chun-Li but runs when Guile and Cammy arrive.

Soon after, the three start to receive anonymous tips unbeknownst to them, the tips are from Viper which gives them info about Juri. They use the info they obtain to catch up to Juri as she assaults a secret facility that houses the twelve Dolls for Shadaloo. By the time Guile and Cammy arrive, Juri has already defeated all twelve Dolls and is carrying the final two, Juni and Juli, unconscious, to her jet. A fight ensues and Guile is incapacitated, and as Cammy rushes to his aid, Juri escapes with the Dolls to her jet.

Cammy catches up just as it takes off, and after a brief skirmish, Juri pushes a gurney carrying Juni into Cammy and off the plane. However, the two fall into a deep snowdrift and survive. Juni falls into a coma, and Colonel Wolfman informs her that S.

Surveillance photos reveal S. Dispatched to investigate, Cammy then enters the recently announced S.

Camy girl topless

N tournament, where she swears to get revenge on Juri for the dolls who she considers her "sisters. Later during the tournament, she infiltrates the S. N dam base. Not wanting the data to be used to hurt anyone, Cammy deletes the files instead, and Viper puts away her weapon and escapes, lamenting years of investigation wasted. During her infiltration of the base she encounters Decaprewho collapses while raving about how she hates Cammy and her face.

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Bison appears and informs Cammy that Decapre is dying, but that a bargain could be made. Cammy allows Bison to take Decapre in exchange for saving her life. When Cammy informs Colonel Wolfman of her failure to retrieve the files, Wolfman informs her that he's already aware, and congratulates her on a job well done.

Cammy returns home and soon Juni wakes from her coma with some amnesia. Cammy greets her comfortably and promises to help Juni recover. Cammy appears as a playable character in Street Fighter V. Then, she also remembers that she had hurt everyone in the past and now wants to protect. She is later contacted by her superior, informing her that Shadaloo is on the move. As she travels through India, she encounters Birdie. After defeating him, he recognizes Cammy as one of Bison's dolls from the time that he was a Shadaloo member as the police arrive.

Birdie escapes, which Cammy fails to. Arriving at the Shadaloo base, she is attacked by F. Gwho seeks to terminate her due to defecting from Shadaloo.

During their battle, Cammy asks him about Decapre's whereabouts, then soon changes her question to be about all of Bison's dolls. G mocks Cammy over her desire to protect the dolls and then alludes to Cammy's history as a killer. Before she can press further, however, she is swarmed by Shadaloo soldiers as F.

G mentions "Operation C. When Cammy returns to London, she is reunited with Juni, noticing she has permission to go out. As the two are talking about cats, they are cornered by Shadaloo. Vega attacks her when Juni begins to recognize the claw that Vega wields is much like Decapre's, and Cammy is forced to fight Vega while protecting Juni.

After defeating Vega, he falls back, noticing Cammy's dangerous actions. Juni worries for Cammy as she remembers how F. G told her about the operation. Cammy decides to stop Shadaloo and to save her fellow dolls. Juni encourages her and tells her to come back after she saves them. As Cammy leaves the scene, Juri is revealed to have been observing the whole event while spying on her. After easily defeating Chun-Li, M. Bison charges up his hand with Psycho Power, ready to finish her off.

However, before M. Bison can unleash the final blow, Cammy rushes in and manages to save Chun-Li by tackling her out of harm's way. Chun-Li opens her eyes and is relieved to see Cammy had come to her rescue.

Along with Guile, Cammy helps Chun-Li escape. G is about to go after them, but M. Bison lets them leave, smirking arrogantly as the scene fades out.

That night, the three reconvene at another devastated part of the city, with some cars on fire. She informs Guile that she has been after Shadaloo ever since the Black Moons appeared, also confirming that they are involved in New York's destruction. Cammy briefly chastises Chun-Li, who's still injured, for completely losing her head in the earlier fight.

According to her information, the control keys for the Black Moons were stolen from Shadaloo so they can't activate all of them. Cammy wonders if the control keys were stolen by someone who betrayed Bison, or if a spy infiltrated Shadaloo. Guile and Chun-Li mention it might be connected to the earlier-referenced hackers incident, involving hackers of varying ages, genders, and nationalities all going missing around the same time, which they'd been investigating for a long time even before the moons appeared.

Cammy questions if the missing hackers were coerced to build the Black Moons for Shadaloo.

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Taking the package, Chun-Li opens it, and Guile recognizes it as being "the same" as one that he has in his pocket. Just then, they notice the mutilated-and-stitched-together form of Charlie Nash walking ominously towards them. Rashid and his butler Azam cheerfully emerge from the other side. As Guile confronts Charlie, Rashid steps forward and introduces himself, engaging Chun-Li with intent to take the piece.

Cammy tries to help, but Azam intervenes. After Rashid defeats Chun-Li's and takes her piece, he and Azam leave via mini-tornado. Cammy shields her face as the two escape. Later, Cammy arrives at the Kanzuki Estate. According to Karin 's resources, she and Shibasaki were able to acquire a master list of the people that pieces were sent to, as well as who else may have access to that list.

Cammy shares the information she's gathered as well, stating that the Black Moons were created by Shadaloo using by the hackers they supposedly kidnapped. She believes that the pieces were made by hackers. Cammy reports that Guile is been in contact with a spy who infiltrated Shadaloo in hopes of acquiring more information. Cammy and Karin are soon confronted by Marz and Decapre along with Shadaloo soldiers. As Karin subdues Marz, Cammy defeats Decapre. As she tries to help her 'sister', Decapre's head begins to hurt.

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She escapes, leaving Cammy feeling guilty. Before departing, she and Chun-Li watch as Ken plays with his son, Mel. Cammy thinks that Ken shouldn't have to come along with them, stating that he should stay and protect his family.

Chun-Li argues that there are some battles aren't he can't avoid, especially when he has someone to protect; just like her father. Cammy apologizes to Chun-Li for reminding her of her father's passing. However, the concept of 'family' confuses her, since she does not have one.

Karin soon arrives and informs Cammy and Chun-Li that the others have left. Ken tells Sean that they are looking for one of the pieces and asks Sean if they can have it, which he agrees. But as he retrieves the piece, Cammy spots a Shadaloo guard's body flying toward Sean. Ken and Chun-Li kick the guard's body out of harm's way, just as Laura arrives. Cammy watches interestingly at the Matsuda siblings as Laura greets her brother with submission holds, Cammy asks Chun-Li whether the bond between the Matsuda siblings is considered to be a typical relationship between siblings.

After Laura fights Ken and decides to join the others in the fight, they are confronted by Decapre who is under control of Psycho Power. Cammy realizes Decapre has been controlled, recalling the doll's pain.

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Before Laura can volunteer to take on Decapre, Cammy steps in to fight her to be certain if she is an enemy or not. Cammy manages to defeat Decapre who finally lost consciousness.

Unfortunately, Sean returns with the police, who have arrive to arrest Decapre. Cammy gazes at Decapre which reveals a flashback between her and Decapre to be separated when they are little as she heard Decapre's voice who calls her as her sister. When the police orders Cammy to give them Decapre, her protective nature of the Dolls kicks in, causing her Cammy to knock down a police officer.

One of the officers fires his gun at Cammy for retaliation, but Cammy quickly carries Decapre out of harms way. Determined to save her, Cammy fights and defeats the officer. Before another officer can shoot her, Juri arrives to knock the policemen aside with her motorbike. She offers Cammy a ride, stating that she can repay her with Decapre.

Juri removes Decapre's mask, exposing her burned face to everyone. Juri laughs at how Cammy's desire to nurture the Dolls have turned her and Decapre into fugitives. As a fugitive and to her own chagrin, Cammy knows that she must think quickly, and therefore decides to go with Juri.

Carrying Decapre, she hops onto the motorbike. As Cammy and Juri ride away from Chun-li and the others, Vega watches with a stalker's amusement, obsessed with his own probably personally assigned mission of subjugating Cammy, bringing her to Shadoloo, and then perhaps possessing Cammy as a reward. At Union Station, Juri crashes her motorbike through the windows, relieved that they have lost the police. Cammy notices Decapre is awakening.

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However, she attacks her on purpose because of her extreme hatred towards her causing both of them to have a catfight. As Decapre tries to choke Cammy, Juri watches on, amused that Cammy has given up everything to save her, despite the fact that she's trying to kill her. Cammy demands Decapre to stop attacking as she mounts on top of her. Decapre continues to fight and begins punching Cammy in the face. Juri believes that Decapre will never be cured and that Cammy should just kill her instead.

Just when Decapre is about to hit her with her infused daggers, Cammy catches the attack and knocks her out with a hard punch to the face. Juri laughs, impressed for her actions as Cammy gazes at Decapre with remorse. Suddenly, Vega arrives and confronts Cammy, who gets up from Decapre so she can fight him. Vega notices the unconscious Doll and chuckles, much to the chagrin of Cammy. Vega claims that Decapre may be an 'ugly' Doll, but she still has a role to play. He then attacks her.

As Cammy defends herself, Vega is impressed at how Cammy's beauty is brought out with conflicts of her past memories, believing that such things were lost. Vega fights Cammy, wanting to see this new beauty of hers. After defeating Cammy, he flatters over her. But Vega's obsession with Cammy is interrupted by Juri, who calls him a pervert.

Juri claims that Cammy belongs to her since she picked her up first; Vega accuses Juri of lacking delicacy, which Juri expresses no concern. The two fight each other as Cammy wakes up. Seeing Vega is standing close to Decapre, Cammy quickly kicks Vega's mask off of his face, causing him to retreat. Cammy briefly stays on Helen's side for Decapre's sake.

She overhears a voice message from Li-Fen, stating that she has a way to a command to stop the Black Moons. When Charlie admits that he is unable to defeat Bison, Helen becomes upset, desperately demanding that he must kill him. Helen reminds Charlie that he doesn't have much time left, which he acknowledges before leaving.

Later on, Cammy arrives in the final assault against Shadaloo. To her horrible shock, she finds all of the Dolls are controlled by F. Cammy confronts Juli, who has become infused with Psycho Power.

She fights and eventually defeats Juli. As Cammy approaches her unconscious body, Vega, forever determined to rape and possess Cammy, appears and attacks her again.

Cammy drops in her stance as Vega expresses his appreciation of her eyes and his dark desire to fill them with despair. Vega defeats Cammy, managing to hit her stomach with his claw. He demands that she surrender to him so that he can 'see more beauty', and leaps in for the kill. But before he can finish her, Cammy is saved by Decapre, who blocks Vega's claw.

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This article was ated on February 19, to clarify that the influencer is "nearly" topless, not topless, in the pool photo.

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