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AnimeNorth 2011 - Skit #10 - Code Geass - Dance Battle

The main protagonist of The Power of the Queens. She is Lelouch and Kallen's daughter, having been conceived during Lelouch's last days as Zero, and being born prematurely a few months after his death. She is three-quarters Britannian and one-quarter Japanese. While no one is aware of her true identity, she is the 1st Princess of Britannia and the rightful heir to Lelouch's throne. Liana can be aptly described as being a female version of Lelouch, her father, baring a very close resemblance to him.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Belly Dancing takes place right before Turn , that being the 4th picture drama made for the series' second season (see Code Geass entry on main page). It offers a humorous look as to how C.C., Kallen and Lelouch prepared for their mission in the Chinese Federation. Digimon. "The initial strength and versatility of a person's Geass is determined by the strength of their will and complexity of their mind." C.C. stated, "This is reflected by the number of rules and restrictions that the Geass is bound by. Yours has by far the most restrictions . 1. Ezra Miller Actor | The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Ezra Matthew Miller was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, to Marta (Koch), a modern dancer, and Robert S. Miller, who has worked at Workman Publishing and as former senior VP for Hyperion Books.

According to C. Liana grew up concious of her heritage, but as it would likely have made her a pariah, she had to hide her actual identiy from others.

Her public identity became Liana Leciester or Lamperouge interchangebly the former she uses while at Ashford, and the latter while at home. At some point she made a contract with C.

In many respects, Liana's abilities are a near perfect marriage of those of her parents. Liana possesses Geass ability, the Power of Absolute Conviction. Simply put, it grants Liana to convince someone of any idea or concept. It is comparable to her father's Geass, the primary difference being that it can be used unlimited times on the same person; "unlimited" as Liana puts it. However, the fatal flaw is that it feeds off her life force, shortening her life expectancy slightly whenever she uses it.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. What is the status of our forces? Euphie nodded as she scanned the main screen that showed the layout of her sister's forces. She was deployed in the rear 'to provide logistical support', or so Cornelia had told her.

Just more cotton wool wrapping on her sister's part. An odd dot on the screen made her point at it. It isn't one of the standard designations. Jeremiah looked for a moment. That's the Camelot trailer, your Highness.

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The Viceroy does not wish for the Lancelot to be used in this battle. She is still wary of trusting native soldiery. Those Glasgow knockoffs at their disposal, plus the base defences. With the exception of the Burai, this will be no different than the other resistance outposts the Viceroy has crushed since her arrival. We're storming a heavily armed base with enemies armed to the teeth. No strong against the weak nonsense. No civilians in danger, nothing. She had been pondering exactly why Zero had seemedfamiliar, somehow.

The eloquent way he had spoken, the poise with which he had held himself, the charisma he extrudedit was all so very familiar to her. Shaking herself out of her thoughts about Zero, Euphie sat straight and observed the dots indicating friendly forces start moving towards the Narita Mountains, where the operation briefing Operation Rat Hunter has suggested the most logical entrance to the JLF HQ would be.

The ground shuddered as the JLF started opening fire at the Knightmares with their heavy weaponry mounted in the base. On the screen, numerous red dots to indicate hostiles appeared to indicate enemy units.

The ones in front of the special dot that indicated her sister's Gloucester rarely remained for more than a moment. Abruptly, several friendly dots either acquired yellow rings, indicating damage, or put up a red [LOST] sign. Secondary line of ingress has been stalled! The battle raged on, with more casualties on both sides rising.

The disregard for their own lives that the pilots of the Burai showed was somewhat frightening to Euphemia. Was Britannia really so terrible to these people that they would sacrifice their lives in suicide attacks? It wasn't something she could comprehend, even more so than regular warfare.

As long as you were alive, there were other chances, other ways you could achieve your goals. Suicide was, in her own opinion, cowardly. The screen flickered before restoring itself to something similar to normal, albeit somewhat blurry.

The Viceroy also orders the reserve forces to back up Sir Dalton. Unseen by the crew, Jeremiah changed the frequency of his radio and clicked it three times before changing it back. Besides, over twenty Burai have been destroyed in return. That's not including fixed gun emplacements also destroyed. A minute later, a loud rumble was heard as the ground started to shake.

Euphie clutched the armrests of her command throne as even the G-1 was rocked by the tremors. A wave of black Burai, customised black Burai, stolen Sutherlands and two unknown units are charging down the mountain! The Viceroy's unit has been isolated and cut off from the other two prongs of the assault by the landslide.

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Charge down to Point E3 before taking up your predetermined positions. Q1, you are to break through the enemy lines and engage Cornelia directly.

Do not kill her.

Code geass dancer

With the Guren on her side, she would not lose to any ordinary Britannian Knight. Seeing Inoue's squad blast a squad of tanks into scrap metal with Anti-Knightmare bazookas was heartening, but Kallen wasn't looking for such opponents. The Guren's first true opponent had to be a Knightmare. She counter-charged the Sutherland and dodged all of the bullets with acrobatic ease.

Sep 14,   A photo manipulation of Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass. She's dressed as a belly dancer-and a sexy one at that. It's been a while since I did a photo manipulation (just editing the skin tone) like this one. I know the still is from a game in Japan based on the anime series (even Lelou dressed up as a dancer too) but I'm not sure which one. Turn is the fourth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. It takes place after episode 9. It features C.C., Kallen, and Lelouch as they sneak into the Chinese Federation by dressing as belly dancers. C.C. and Kallen are first seen dancing to the men at a garrison in the. May 20,   SUZAKU A DANCER? 66 75 4K (1 Today) ANYHOO hope you guys like my first Code Geass related deviation and that it at least gives you a chuckle. Image size. xpx KB. Show More. See More by DoodleByNight. Featured in collections. Code Geass by mdnght1. Code Geass by leophoenix

The Guren seemed to move as if it were her body, smoothly and with no hesitation. Lasing out with the Fork Knife that was the close-combat weapon for the left arm, she cut the Sutherland's Assault Rifle in half. The pilot was smart enough to disengage and retreat before firing his Slash Harkens at her, but she had planned for that.

It slammed into the chest of the Sutherland and latched on, allowing Kallen to drag the enemy close even as she advanced, reaching out with the silver arm of the Guren to deal the final blow.

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With that, she triggered the Radiant Wave Surger. Black-edged red energy appeared from the emitter on the Guren's right arm and surged into the Sutherland, making its frame bulge and expand from within, spreading to the arms and legs.

As the pilot wisely ejected, Kallen ripped the head of the Sutherland off and threw it away. With an explosion, the Sutherland detonated, creating a plume of flames and smoke to signal its defeat. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Imagine if Lelouch had prepared himself both mentally and physically for his war with Britannia. Lelouch X Harem. Has a TVTropes page!

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As always, Read, Review and check out my other stories. Disclaimer: Code Geass isn't mine. This wasn't the Warehouse that she had gone to for the Refrain 'Oh Kamidon't tell me those criminals sold me?! You're Zero's bodyguard, so stick by him. She headed off, beckoning Ohgi to follow her, which he did.

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The Honorary Britannians could look after themselves. Lelouch was downright frostyas in icy tundra frosty. Stiffening, Kallen whirled to face Lelouch, a question in her eyes. Until now. Zero shook his head. So, what are your plans for Princess Cornelia? Follow me. There you are. Kimigayo wa Chiyo ni yachiyo ni Sazare-ishi no Iwao to narite Koke no musu made May your reign Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations, Until the pebbles Grow into boulders Lush with moss " Kimigayo?

A wicked grin spread over the girl's face that sent a shiver down Lelouch's spine. It was so frustrating! The answer was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn't place it! The screen turned blurry, making the Princess frown. No response from his emergency beacon!

We can win! Prologue 2. The Day the Demon was Born 3.

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K-1 and Q-1 4. Battle of Shinjuku, White Knight Awakes 5. Shinjuku Checkmate - The Victor? Of Plans, Loyalty and Bargains 7. Kallen and the Student Council 9.

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The Knight of Orange Interlude: Milly and Nina The Meeting at Tokyo Tower Interlude: Sayoko and CC Zero Debut The Goddess of Victory Descends Interlude: The Stringless Puppet Consolidating Positions White Knight and Black Prince Saitama Encirclement The Saitama Gambit The Wages of Sin: Hubris Interlude:Tarnished Knight vs Black King A Tale of Two Sisters Bond of Three Visitor from the Rising Sun The Lake Kawaguchi Incident The Order of Black Knights Dragon Ball : Yamcha's Luck occurs during the Fortune Teller Baba Saga in the original serieswhere Yamcha gets "repaid" for saving the disguised hunter Hasky with a performance and a chance to get busy.

Fairy Tail : Golden Rubies features a chapter where Lucy dresses up as one to show off her body to Erza, possibly to reward for her accidental purchase. While there, she tries to deal with a possible love square between herself and Jet, Droy and Gajeel. Fullmetal Alchemist : Shik Shak Shok has Riza Hawkeye of all people lead a double life between working as a State Alchemist and moonlighting as a dancer at a bar.

Things are fine until Mustang and the guys at Central decide to drink at the bar where she performs.

Code Geass live action?

In Trick or Treata Halloween party is hosted by Gracia Hughes for all the members of Central, including Roy Mustang, Riza and Maria Ross who are dressed up as a sultan and belly dancers respectively. Once Edward manages to spike the punch with alcoholRiza and Maria attempt to dance while intoxicated, as pictures taken by Envy serve as proof. When Akeno finally has a turn to be with Issei, she decides to wait after school to perform a private dance for him, setting the stage for a lust-filled session together.

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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic : To Love Another takes place during the Sindria arc, where Morgiana performs at the festival and decides to capture the attention of Alibaba and draw him in for an awkward yet touching night of passion and love. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya : The Harem Highjinks of Haruhi Suzumiya involves the three girls of the SOS Brigade as they sign up for a belly dancing contest in an isolated desert country and end up being kidnapped and forced into the harem of the country's royal prince.

Most prominently with the main attraction: the Amber Rose, aka Mikuru Asahina.

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While all the action and fighting above her rages on, Temari is forced to be Madara's lady servant, doing all sorts of tasks from brewing tea and cooking food to performing a traditional fan dance and belly dance.

Kunoichi Marmalade takes place in a bar where everyone goes to for boredom and someone ends up performing a musical number to entertain the crowd. In chapter 3, Naruto and Sakura take part in a duet singing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie", where Sakura wears a belly dancer outfit and dances to the song. One Piece : Let's Play Doctor tells the story of a dancer from North Blue trapped in the submarine of Trafalgar Law, who takes it upon himself to look after the young dancer after a run-in with slave traders, but as it turns out, the dancer seems to suffer a reoccurring nightmare involving doctors, whom Law is nothing less than.

The disguised Team Rocket put on a show of local music and dancing in order to hypnotize and make Ash and his friends drop enough of their guard to get their Pokemon.

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In Wish Upon a May! Whenever Drew asks for either a proper wish or for May to use her magic, May casts her magic by dancing to Arabian music that plays during her magic rituals, similar to another genie who uses dancing to cast magic. Films - Animated. Aladdin : With the Drums is a short one-shot taking place after the first film, where Jasmine catches Aladdin practicing an unlikely skill while in the middle of a private practice session.

Discworld : In the Discworld of A. Pessimalgraduate Assassin, the Sultana and Begum Miriam bint-al-Alhazred, dresses this way for convenience. Her house-guests note that for a widowit counts as black clothing. There just isn't much of it. Elsewhere in Klatch, a spectacular and unforgettable belly dance is delivered by a lady, mentioned only in text, called Fat Ima.

Live-Action TV.

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