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mouse trap -- william&aelita

The episode begins as Od Ulrich , and Jeremie are walking down the hallway of the dormitory building. Jeremie is trying to count the number of girls Odd has dated. Odd reveals to them that he has dated all the girls in 8th grade, except for Heidi Klinger. As they walk past Sissi and her group, Sissi asks Ulrich to see a movie called "Adventure in the Tropics" with her. Immediately, Ulrich says he's already seen it and leaves. Sissi is disappointed and Herb says he'll go with her.

Odd is shocked that Jeremie kissed his date in plain view.

After hearing this, Aelita walks away from Jeremie who denies such an event ever happening. In the cafeteriaJeremie comes to the table where his friends are, but tensions are high. Odd, angry at him for kissing his date, and Aelita, mad at him for kissing another girl, leave immediately.

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Ulrich gets out of his seat and takes Jeremie's croissant as he leaves, saying he won't be needing the croissant anymore since he intended to give it to Aelita. Shocked at the news, Ulrich puts down his croissant as Yumi comes up to them. William and Ulrich start grilling her with questions on Mathias. Yumi says, "He's a nice guy" and asks why. William bluntly asks, "How does he kisshuh? Her two lovers walk away, leaving Yumi confused as to what's going on.

She asks Jeremie what the rumor is about her and Mathias.


Jeremie then tells her about the rumor that he kissed Heidi Klinger. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, a polymorphic clone changes from Yumi to Ulrich. Outside, Herb is trying to convince Sissi that Ulrich doesn't want to go out with her, saying he said so himself.

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Unfortunately for Herb, Ulrich walks up to Sissi and kisses her. Jeremie and Yumi then watch the entire event from the distance, leaving Yumi stunned. In history class, things boil over.

Bleach Energy Drink - Code Lyoko Abridged Episode 2

Ulrich asks Jeremie why he kissed Heidi, saying it wasn't a very nice thing to do to Odd. Jeremie denies it and when Ulrich states that he saw it, he accuses Ulrich of kissing Sissi in order to get even with Yumi.

Ulrich, clearly surprised at the accusation, claims it never happened and Jeremie uses the same excuse they did for him with Heidi, telling him, "I saw you". The teacher goes on with the lesson as Ulrich remains shocked. The teacher, noticing Ulrich's distraction, picks him for a question and asks, "When did Gallume die?

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Outside, Jimwho is on patrol, sees "Ulrich", who is supposed to be in class, and chases him. She walks up to him and kisses him, much to his pleasant surprise. After class, Jeremie sees as Aelita kiss Nicholaswho is dumbstruck.

Later, Aelita comes up to Jeremie in the dormitory building after being told by him she wanted to speak with her. He accuses her of making a fool of him in public and of lying to him. Jeremie walks into his room and slams the door. Aelita then runs away. In his room, Jeremie detects an activated tower.

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He calls Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich, who, meanwhile, is trying to convince Yumi he never kissed Sissi, to tell them about it. He also tries to call Aelita, but she isn't picking up. In the park, Jeremie explains that all the kissing is because of a Polymorphic Spectrewhich can change its identity at will. The purpose: to divide and conquer.

Code lyoko sexual

This causing Jeremie to realize Odd had been right when saying that "jealousy makes people crazy". Now that they know the truth, all they need is Aelita. They don't know where she is, but Jeremie has an idea.

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At the HermitageAelita is moping in the torn-up remains of her old childhood room. Jeremie comes in and apologizes to her, explaining that it was a polymorphic spectre that was responsible for all the drama.

Skip navigation. Well, I see that Amino's Guidelines prohibits sexual content, nudity and pornography. But actually, based on personal experience, some people have ever done sort of a miscommunication about that. X.A.N.A.'s Kiss is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 and the forty-third episode of Code Lyoko. The episode begins as Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie are walking down the hallway of the dormitory building. Jeremie is trying to count the number of girls Odd has dated. Odd reveals to them that he has.

He kisses her passionately and they run out of the house, hand in hand. Outside, they encounter another Jeremie.


They accuse each other of being the polymorph. Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi catch up, so they don't know which is the real Jeremie. Aelita begins contemplating and realizes that the real Jeremie wouldn't have kissed her and runs over to the other one. The polymorph then grabs Aelita and tries to attack her, but is temporarily stopped by Odd. Odd stays behind to fight the polymorph as the others take the Hermitage's secret path to the Factory. The fight quickly degenerates into a losing one for Odd, once the polymorph transforms into Jim.

The activated tower is on the next plateau connected only by a narrow strip of land, which forms a bridge. They begin to run towards it. In the Hermitage, Odd is getting knocked around. He says, "Hey, X. Odd responds, "Oh, no. Not him.

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I know his kind. Small, but tough as nails.

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On Lyoko, Aelita continues toward the tower, while Yumi and Ulrich fight an approaching swarm of Hornets. A sends a Tarantula to fight them. Immediately after Aelita runs across the bridge to the next plateau, X. A deletes it, separating her from the other two. Meanwhile, the polymorph runs across the bridge, into the Factory. Yumi fights the Tarantula while Ulrich fights the Hornets. However, they have trouble and decide to swap enemies.

But actually, based on personal experience, some people have ever done sort of a In this amino, there are some things that you need to know; especially about the miscommunication. About art stuff here, I've seen some safe fanart are accused as ecchi, and I have got accused as one of them, but actually ecchi means images with sexual content, or sexual comedy, usually contains fanservice.

Usually ecchi images contain suggestive or sexually provocative poses, and that's it.

X.A.N.A.'s Kiss

Some sexy outfits cannot be categorized as ecchi unless if the characters in those outfit have done suggestive poses or fanservice. Like Wonder Woman, as example.

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They did wear leotard things, but the poses are not sexual. About swimsuits, leotards, or bunny girl outfits, i'm still neutral with it, but please, don't make them nsfw and suggestive! The same also occur in fanfics or your other creations. Also, in addition, dakimakura body pillow pics are not allowed. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Like Wonder Woman, as example Like these two, for example. Werewolf Yumi.

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