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11 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know!

Maybe you should check them out too. Dear Photograph - The website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Some of the best photographs are now compiled in a book dearphotograph. The creator starts a text conversation with random numbers found on Craigslist ads and publishes the transcript on the internet. The chats are funny and I hope its real because screenshots can be faked too textastrophe.

And if none of those things made any sense, you should definitely visit the website. It happens with me all the time and I always have to watch the same few movies over and over again. This website is a boon to people like me. They have a highly curated list of movies which you can select based on genre, mood, or just randomly. The best part about this website is that they highlight movies which for one reason or another could not appease the mass media, but are an excellent watch.

I have discovered a lot more movies here than anywhere else. MUBI Continuing on the topic of movies, if you are someone who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of movies in any catalog, and cannot decide what to watch, this one if for you. The website only hosts 30 movies at a time, with a single movie added and removed daily. This gives you a highly curated and small list of the option you can easily choose from.

From the day of the upload, a movie remains on the website for 30 days essentially giving you the same time to watch that movie before it is removed.

Bored with the web? Think you've seen it all? Surf the web a new way with this random website generator. Bounce around thousands of crazy, pointless, funny, intereractive, informative and interesting webistes made by the most odd people online. Cool Material is a men's shopping blog covering the latest in gear, gadgets, watches, style, technology, gifts for men, edc and more. List of cool sites to visit while tripping, or bored! Community Post. I just sat there for 20 minutes with one other person making sick ass beats. level 2. 3 points 5 years ago. Holy shit dude i just spent at least an hour on there, easily one of the coolest websites ive ever seen.

A great little website, a movie lover should surely visit. The Moth If you love the art of storytelling, you are going to love this website. The website houses real life stories told by the people themselves.

It also has a podcast which features all the stories told across the world on Moth stages. These are literally stories for your ears.

9 Great Websites Every Guy Should Know

XKCD The website contains original satirical comic strips relating to romance, math, and language. You will laugh so hard that tears will come out of eyes.

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If you love maths you are especially going to enjoy this one. The Odd 1s Out Another comic strip website which is really hilarious. The comics are a satirical take on everyday life questions and just funny stuff. They also have a corresponding YouTube channel if you are interested. The website deals with everything funny in the world of internet. The site mainly focuses on photo heavy listicle contents. The articles are really fun to read. The panda might be bored but you will never be.

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Cracked Another similar website which deals heavily in listicle funny content. The site uses a lot of freelance writers making sure that you will never run out of funny content. This will surely crack you up.

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Well, the website owner seems to have that time and the email exchange is hilarious. You will love it. Cool Interesting Stuff As the name suggests the website is the bank of interesting stuffs which are mostly mysteries.

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You should not take the content on its face value, but you can use it as a cool time killer. Wait But Why The website is pretty cool and deals with normal news and other content related to life. Some simple stick figures are used to explain the topics in a funny way.

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The website surely seems eccentric and funny. It is just a collection of small games which you can play on your browser. The Oatmeal Of all the comic strip websites I have visited, this is the funniest.

You never guess what the ending or the punch line of the comics will be. One thing is sure, however, that you will laugh every few second.

Stimulate your mind with these funny, geeky and weird web sites

The Onion Considered as the pioneer of satirical news coverage, the Onion is still the best among its class. The Onion inspired a generation of writers to deliver even the hardest of news in the funniest way possible.

DC Young Fly vs. Desiigner ?? A Battle You Need To See - Wild 'N Out - #NowYouWildOut

Check them out for your daily dose. Today it is on of the most popular websites among teens and Youngsters. The site offers listicles, and articles containing funny photoshopped pictures and GIFS which are humorous and a good time waster. Taunting itself as probably the best website in the world, The Chive is very similar to BuzzFeed in content. That is both a bad and good thing.

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You might find some articles similar to BuzzFeed here, but they also are fun to read. They are a way of expressing yourself in a funny and inoffensive manner. Use some GIFs to make your Twitter game strong. There are no long articles, just funny pictures with embedded texts. A very good time waster for short breaks. Oddee The Website Focuses on the odd, bizarre and strange things of the world and brings you unique article which is different from those on BuzzFeed.

Stuff like an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener, sandals that resemble computer keyboards or a boat from World War II that you can actually buy thisiswhyimbroke. Is It Normal - Do you like to dip French fries in ice cream? The website will help you understand whether your thoughts, feelings and urges are normal or weird and just unique to you. People can ask questions and once it gets approved, the community can weigh in their thoughts. You can also ask embarrassing questions here isitnormal.

Lamebook - Weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook. The names and profile pictures of the Facebook users are blurred to protect real identity lamebook. Honest Slogans - Created by graphic designer Clif Dickens, Honest Slogans pokes fun at iconic brands by remixing their logos with slogans that convey what people actually think about that brand. Rich Kids of Instagram - The social sites are the new hangouts for people to show off and this is a perfect example.

It captures the lavish lifestyle of the rich through pictures posted on Instagram richkidsofinstagram. Could the name of this website be any more appropriate? Bored Panda is the place you want to be when you want to discover interesting and visually appealing content. It's a blog that publishes regular ates on the coolest finds in travelphotography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and all sorts of other great categories.

You can also create an account to vote posts up or down. Boredom doesn't mean you should distract yourself with the simplest and most mind-numbing content out there on the web. Try expanding your knowledge by diving deep into the incredibly useful and thought-provoking blog posts on Brain Pickings, which is a popular blog run by MIT fellow Maria Popova. She's the one who does all the research and writing for each post.

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You can probably expect to find a few good books to add to your reading list just by subscribing to this blog. TED has become a powerful organization in spreading ideas and knowledge.

The nolizajdyer.comofit organization hosts conferences around the world where people of all walks of life share their amazing ideas and experiences through short speaking gigs. If you have a pair of headphones handy, you should definitely check out this site.

Cool ass websites

You can find video talks on practically any subject you're interested in. It's ated with several new posts a day featuring the newest, freshest content. Posts are kept pretty short too, making it perfect for browsing casually. Vsauce is an incredibly popular and successful YouTube channel with several spinoff channels that has attracted over 15 million subscribers.

Love weird stuff? Then you need to check out Oddee, one of the web's largest and most popular blogs featuring the craziest, strangest and most bizarre content you probably won't find anywhere else. Most posts are numbered lists, complete with lots of photos and videos for you to look at. Categories include art, signs, places, objects, ads, science, medicine, home design, names, people, gifts, stories, tech and more.

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Mental Floss will leave you feeling like you actually learned something during the time you wanted to pass while browsing the web. You can read articles, view lists, watch videos, take quizzes and even brush up on some smart facts with Mental Floss on everything from science to pop culture. So go ahead and expand your knowledge with this one!

We put our heads together and came up with a list of cool websites every guy should know. Here they are. Valet. For more than a decade, this "independently-published lifestyle website" has been delivering daily news on style, grooming and culture specifically tailored for the kind of . The 15 Interesting Websites. Dear Photograph - The website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Some of the best photographs are now compiled in a book ( Textastrophe - This website is a reminder of why you shouldn't post your cell phone number on public. If you're looking for pointless, weird and irrelevant websites, then be prepared to have your mind blown with this unruly bunch. I'm here to bring you to the world's most useless websites. The internet really is a wonderful place. It caters for all our curiosities, interests and hunger for knowledge. There are social media and ="read-more-container">.
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